Why is she happy?

With our advanced cold chain solutions in Kenya, her flowers have reached Europe from Kenya via ship, letting her access a big market and giving her an eco-friendly supply chain.

Scented beauties

In the cities of Europe, they speak of the flowers from Kenya. They delight in their fragrance. They adore their freshness. And they write of their beauty. Every rose, carnation and chrysanthemum that blooms in Kenya deserves to be celebrated this way. And every trader of flowers, anywhere in the country, should be able to send her blossoms to Europe.

That’s why we’re pleased to offer you advanced cold chain logistics that lets you transport your flowers by ship.

Close-up of a smiling woman looking at a rose flower.

The ocean benefit

Transporting cut flowers by ship has many advantages:

  1. You have a viable transport option, allowing you to access the big markets in Europe and the Middle East
  2. With our advanced solutions, your flowers retain their freshness and are assured of an excellent vase life
  3. Ocean shipping is a more sustainable mode of transport, giving you more than 90% reduction in carbon emissions
Flower transport – Close-up of hands arranging rose flowers.

The journey of your flowers

We’re by your side from start to finish to ensure that your flowers are delivered timely and efficiently while retaining its freshness and quality.

An infographic depicting the integrated cold chain logistics solutions and the cut flowers transport journey.

Our range of customised services

Boat pictogram
Ocean services
Operates reliably between Mombasa and Rotterdam every week
Supply chain
Export/import haulage
Ensures quick connectivity between port and warehouses
Customs services
Helps your cargo stay compliant and ensure it’s on the move quickly
Captain Peter pictogram
Captain Peter
Provides constant alerts on temperature and humidity levels within your refrigerated cargo container
Consolidates your flower cargo at the port of origin
Deconsolidates at destination, facilitating easy movement and speed to market
Dollar Pictogram
Port charges
We make port charges on your behalf, so your cargo is never delayed for want of payments
Inventory services
Booking agent
We plan your bookings and execute your shipments on-time and accurately

The Maersk advantage

  • End-to-end integrated solutions: We’re your single point of contact, coordinating across the chain for you
  • Refrigerated cargo expertise: A fleet of world-class reefers and deep commodity expertise ensure you’re in good hands
  • Reliable services: We ensure reliable transit times, guaranteeing great vase life for your flowers
  • Full visibility: With Captain Peter, you can monitor your reefer shipment on your mobile devices
  • Greener service: With our ocean transport, you achieve reduced carbon emissions of over 90%
  • Fixed price with single transportation invoice
  • Development of an alternative logistic solution to air freight
  • Buyer’s consolidation through CFS at origin
Close-up of a Maersk ship that carries the cut flowers.

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