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For your cashew's journey, we promise the best care and on-time delivery. Any step of the way.

Is it a fruit? Is it a nut? Or a seed?

Beneath a bright, fleshy cashew-apple hangs a dull dry pod. In time, it will change colour from pale grey to a dull brown and emerge from within its kernel in a warm yellow avatar, to enrich our dishes and become the toast of our curries. It’s the story of the ugly duckling that became a swan.

This is why Maersk loves the cashew. And we’d love to be a reason your cashew reaches every corner of the world.

Our cashew logistics is about constant care and support through any leg of your journey from West Africa to India and Vietnam. Be it inland transport, customs services, or shipping, ours is a promise to be where you need us.

How we can help

From farms across West Africa to processing centres in India and Vietnam, your cashew undertakes many journeys. They are loaded on trucks that take them to cooperatives or warehouses, to depots and port terminals, from where they board an ocean liner to ports in Asia.

As an integrator of container logistics, Maersk aims to deliver your cashew to market as fast as possible, while always ensuring the right transport conditions to preserve the quality of your produce.

You can find us in 45 countries in Africa, including Ivory Coast, Senegal, Guinea Bissau, Ghana, Benin, Togo, Burkina Faso, Mali, and Nigeria, which are amongst the most important exporters of raw cashew nuts to the Vietnamese, Thai and Indian markets.

Our local teams have extensive experience in handling cashews’ transportation.

Cashew Supply Chain Illustration| Maersk

Our offerings

Maersk offers a range of flexible and reliable logistics for any leg of your cashew journey. You can pick and choose from the following products and services or sign up for an end-to-end solution that comes with minimal handovers and no hassles. Give your produce the best cashew supply chain expertise .

Maersk Spot / Go
Book for ocean services and inland solutions online in just a few clicks and enjoy a loading guarantee, zero risk of rollover, and full-time equipment availability at a fixed, upfront price.
Container preparation
Gain valuable time with cashew-ready containers lined by paper or dry bags to ensure preservation of cashew quality. Also avail of convenient container dressing services at your packing site.
Our warehouses are secure, located close to ports and are large enough to handle drying, stuffing and other activities. They also offer value-adds such as fumigation, cleaning, packing, sorting, dressing and stuffing.
Inland transport
With Maersk trucking, enjoy trusted transport and on-time pickup and delivery, besides the guarantee of equipment and deposit waivers. You also stand to gain on peak season benefits.
Easy customs
Choose easy documentation through a single experienced partner and avoid delays and additional costs. Also, bundle customs with other services to enjoy minimum handovers.
Ocean services
Ensure on-time delivery during peak season and assistance from our delivery experts through live chat. With our depot services, you avoid the hassle of changing the container (unstuffing) at the depot.
Video Camera
Cargo security
Your cashew cargo is secure with us. Our warehouses feature CCTVs and 24x7 security. You can also add products like Value Protect to insure your cargo.
Value Protect
Insure your cargo against accidental damage and more by choosing Maersk Value Protect and give yourself the simple and smart way to peace of mind.

Your cashew journey with Maersk

Enjoy the benefit of any or all of Maersk’s services on your cashew journey from the farm to processing centres in Vietnam and India.

Cashew Supply Chain in Africa journey

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