Branding policy

A.P. Møller – Mærsk A/S (Maersk)’s policy is for MAERSK and star-logo to solely be used directly by Maersk and its affiliates. Consequently, Maersk does not grant authorization to other entities to use any of its or its affiliated companies’ trademarks, trade names, copyrights or marketing material.

This policy applies to official commercial partners as well as any other third parties unless explicitly authorized by Maersk Corporate Branding.

It may seem reasonable for any third party to use MAERSK and star-logo for instance to reference an association to Maersk or to declare Maersk’s role in the supply chain of a customer’s product. However, the aggregated number of such use results in a risk to dilute and degenerate the perception of and goodwill in the MAERSK brand.

The MAERSK brand has been carefully nurtured to convey our values and invoke trust among our partners for a century. We hope for your understanding of the hard work we put into ensuring it will continue to do so.

Requests for entering trademark consent/licensing agreements

The iconic MAERSK name and star-logo are a vital part of our brand. These elements are recognized worldwide, and they serve as the shortest possible portrait of our company. Inherent in our logo is all the goodwill and trust that customers and stakeholders place in our brand. Our name is our most important asset, which is why we must develop and protect our name every day.

Our default position is that we do not allow third parties to co-brand with us or use our names/trademarks/logos without strict assurances of compliance with our branding policy, code of conduct and the highly regarded standards of the Maersk organization.

The official procedure to request the use of trademarks, trade names or copyrights owned or used by Maersk and its affiliates is to contact Corporate Branding ( and the IP Department ( to approve and execute a trademark consent/licensing agreement.

Maersk’s trademarks, including MAERSK and star logo, are registered trademarks of A.P. Møller – Mærsk A/S and protected by law. All Rights Reserved.

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