Binding Corporate Rules

Maersk is committed to protecting the privacy of the individuals who work, or apply to work, for Maersk. These Binding Corporate Rules (BCR) set out the minimum requirements for processing these individuals' Personal Data within Maersk and are binding for all participating corporate entities within Maersk towards these individuals, by virtue of third-party beneficiary rights.

The BCR are internal rules adopted by A.P. Møller-Mærsk A/S and its participating corporate entities, to present “adequate safeguards for the protection of the privacy and fundamental rights and freedoms of data subjects” within the meaning of the Data Protection Legislation.

Maersk Binding Corporate Rules (BCR) are part of Maersk Commit Rule, which is Maersk’s Governance Framework, and Mandatory Instructions on Data Privacy compliance.

Maersk BCR defines the responsibilities that Maersk has with regard to protecting the privacy of Data Subjects and explains how Maersk complies with such responsibilities.

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