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A smarter liability coverage

Spring is almost here, and you may be looking forward to your outdoor breaks. When you’re in the wilderness, one missing component can leave you vulnerable to nature’s elements. Often, it’s the smallest of things that we leave out: portable chargers, flashlights or matchboxes.

As your business in Asia-Pacific grows and complexities increase, there might be similar items in your cargo protection plan left unchecked. Signing up for extended liability coverage is one of them. It’s important to check all the boxes on your list before you set off. That’s why we are offering Value Protect – a dependable way to cover for the unexpected.

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Explore our Value Protect solution

Unforeseen damage and loss to your ocean freight can hurt your bottom line and your reputation. If you are new to the world of cargo liability, the rules and regulations can hurt your business even more. To clear up these confusions, we’ve detailed the key action points you need to keep in mind before applying for cargo coverage.

We’ll also explain Value Protect and its unique features. You can discover some of its most important aspects, like alternative carriage terms that offer transparent recovery limits on shipping claims, one invoice covered under your booking journey and how its designed to offer peace of mind and a hassle-free claim process.

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How does Value Protect work?

Cargo carriers may only cover their legal liability for any damages caused to your goods. In many cases, their coverage plans may not cover the full value of your cargo. When it’s smooth sailing, you hardly notice the gap. It’s only when the unexpected occurs that you notice a difference between the total value of your goods lost and the amount you can claim.

Here’s where Maersk Value Protect checks all the boxes. It expands the coverage of our bill of lading to include cargo liability coverage under a specific set of conditions. Value Protect also promises a 14-day claim resolution time.

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Why choose Value Protect

We’ve designed Maersk Value Protect to fit your shipment schedule and cargo liability plans, while also merging seamlessly into our Asia-Pacific integrated logistics ecosystem.
Ticked check-box
Peace of mind
Higher recovery limits on claims
control device
Simple to use
An easy online booking process
No surprises
Upfront prices with no extra fees
Worry-free claims
A transparent 14-day claims process
One invoice
Part of your standard shipping invoice
Open eye
Bookings, packages, tracking: all in one place

Complete the checklist on your next booking

Complete the checklist on your next booking Adding Value Protect to your cargo is simple. We’ve integrated it to our bookings platform to provide you an uninterrupted user experience. Here’s how to cross off Value Protect on your checklist:

  • Reach the ‘Additional products and services’ option in your booking journey on
  • Check the box for a Value Protect package that best suits your needs.
  • The selected package is applied to all containers. You can review your booking and proceed.
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Specialised packages

When you have varying sizes and types of goods, selecting the correct cargo liability coverage is crucial. Select the most suitable Value Protect package for added coverage during your cargo journeys to and from Asia-Pacific.

Dry cargo

Choose between our four dry packages for the one that best fits your business

Cool cargo

Exclusively designed for temperature-sensitive goods

Special cargo

Packages for specialised acceptance, handling and loading
Value Protect cargo packages - Close up of a woman’s hand using a mobile to place an online booking.

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