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With the new Genoa – Vado Ligure Terminal you can move cargo faster and smoother.

Introducing the all-new Genoa - Vado Ligure Terminal

Designed with state-of-the-art technology and fully integrated services, this semi-automated terminal will help you manage your supply chain more efficiently. Strategically located, it will act as an extension to the port of Genoa and allow you to connect your business to and from the North Italian markets with the world.

Services are starting from February 2020

Our Mediterranean to Middle East & India service (ME2 - starting on 12th February 2020) and Mediterranean to North America service (MMX - starting on 5th March 2020) will move to the new Genoa - Vado Ligure terminal.
Vado Ligure Terminal

Connecting your North Italian business to the World via Genoa – Vado Ligure!

The first two ocean services in the Genoa - Vado Ligure Terminal will be our Mediterranean to Middle East & India service (ME2) and our Mediterranean to Canada & North America service (MMX), starting from February 2020.

These best-in-class connections to the Middle East and North America will not only help you increase the value to your customers, they will also be connected with the rest of our global ocean network, connecting your business via the Genoa - Vado Ligure Terminal to the world!

Vado Map

To learn all about the Genoa – Vado Ligure Terminal

Time to simplify

By combining innovation, automation, and the ability to offer complex services, the Genoa - Vado Ligure Terminal is positioned to be one of the most competitive terminals in the Mediterranean. Thus, enabling you to optimise your supply chain in the smoothest possible way.

Vado Ligure Terminal

Highlights of the Genoa - Vado Ligure Terminal


Fast Turnaround Time

  • The yard is fully automated reducing the risk of congestion and improving efficiency
  • Innovative truck appointment system to avoid gate congestion
  • Container pick-up and drop-off completed in 30 minutes (45 minutes during peak)

Excellent Intermodal Connectivity

  • A new off-dock rail facility will provide rapid access to central and northern Europe
  • The terminal will offer up to 4-5 trains capacity per day to the main hubs in Italy i.e., Padova, Milano, Rubiera
  • Within the next 3 years, the capacity will be increased to 15 trains per day

VGM inside the Terminal

  • Weighing to be handled as part of the existing flow when passing the gate - for improved efficiency and flow predictability
  • Appointments for VGM to be arranged efficiently directly with the terminal gate

Fully Connected

  • The terminal is connected to TradeLens, Maersk’s block chain technology for state-of-the-art data visibility and security
  • Experience better visibility and improved end-to-end supply chain management

Container Consolidation

  • Dedicated space for stuffing and stripping of standard and special units
  • Better support for third-party operators for consolidation than in other Italian terminals

Integrated Terminal Capabilities

  • Automated gate serving as a single point of entry for the reefer- and container terminals
  • Cargo stripping and dry/reefer equipment preparation can be done in the terminal
Simple claim process

Convenient Customs Clearance

  • All customs clearance and inspections can be carried out within the terminal
  • One integrated customs area for maximum flexibility and efficiency

Dedicated Space for Break-Bulk Shipment

  • Assembling activities for break-bulk shipments can be performed within the Genoa - Vado Ligure Terminal
  • Close partnership with key Italian contractors for a full end-to-end handling of project cargo

Fast Corridor Option

  • Get immediate release for import containers to an inland destination with Fast Corridor
  • AEO certified
  • Pre-clearing is possible for FastTrack gate-out cargo

Extensive Warehousing Capabilities

  • With an integrated reefer terminal, the Genoa – Vado Ligure Terminal holds the largest in-port reefer warehouse capacity in the Mediterranean, totalling 600,000 pallets per year
  • Our 13 cold storage areas offer a temperature range between -0.5 and 14.5 degrees Celsius
  • We offer strong fruit handling capabilities, with a capacity to strip up to 100 containers per day
  • An efficient flow is ensured via our 16 loading platforms for reefer perishable stuffing on truck
  • Total plug-in capacity for 1,500 containers within the terminal

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If you’re interested in knowing more about the Genoa – Vado Ligure Terminal and its upcoming services, please write to us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Want to know more?

If you’re interested in knowing more about the Genoa – Vado Ligure Terminal and its upcoming services, please write to us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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