Verified Gross Mass(VGM) step in shipping instructions (new experience)

VGM is an optional step.

How to use the VGM step in shipping instructions (new experience)?

  1. Pre-requisite to use the VGM step:
    • Shipment should be confirmed
    • Container number present
  2. The tare weight displayed is not specific to the assigned container but rather on container type (e.g. 2269kg is avg tare weight for 20 Dry).
  3. You could check the container plate to identify the actual tare weight of the container being stuffed. Container plates are generally located on the container doors.

How to complete shipping instructions (new experience)?

Below are the steps to be followed to navigate to shipping instructions (new experience):

  1. Document
  2. Party
  3. Payer
  4. Cargo
  5. VGM
  6. Review

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