If user role is not party to shipment, user will be able to view if the pre-condition tasks are completed. Basis which user can proceed to upload Letter of authorization, select haulage type and complete relevant details for requesting delivery order.

  1. Click Account App Store located at the top right corner of the home page and Login.
  2. In "Delivery order" widget input shipment & click on Request Delivery Order.
  3. You can view Task status.
  4. Upload applicable Letter of Authorization.
  5. Update Email & Contact number and click on Continue.
  6. Click on required haulage mode Carrier Haulage / Merchant Haulage.
  7. Click on Request Delivery Order.
  8. Update haulage details like (Release to , Release date).
  9. Update haulage instructions for any Specific details not covered and click on Apply to all containers.
  10. Update Email address where you need to receive Final Delivery order.
  11. Update payer details for party paying collect charges, Demurrage & Detention.
  12. You can review & Click on Submit.
  13. The request is sent for processing to Customer service team.

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