How to use the cargo step in shipping instructions (new experience)?

Cargo section has 3 parts:

  • Cargo details
  • Piece count and
  • Seals
  1. Cargo details:
    • There is option to edit the container number.
    • You will have to provide the HS code of the cargo being shipped.
    • You can add cargo details i.e. package type, cargo description and marks & numbers.
    • You can also maintain a favorite list for cargo descriptions.
  2. Piece count:
    • The payload displayed is not specific to the assigned container but rather on container type (e.g. max 29,178Kg is avg payload for 20 Dry).
    • You could check the container plate to identify the actual max payload supported by the container being stuffed. Container plates are generally located on the container doors.
  3. Seals:
    • Seals are not mandatory for SI submission.
    • However, depending on the transport plan container specific shipment references are presented to the user.

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