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Case studies and customer feedback

Case study - Working Around Challenges

The customer regularly ships huge volumes across diverse trade lanes across the globe. Traditionally, the entire billing and documentation was done manually which hampered its process efficiency. The company realized the need for a smarter way of doing things where huge volumes could be seamlessly tracked, as well as the need for an efficient and timely customer service from Maersk.

To enable this, Maersk implemented its EDI Container Tracking facility which was later extended to EDI solutions for B/L and EDI Booking and Shipping instructions (SI) with the customer’s agreement.

The company gained efficiency and enjoyed enhanced customer service through the implementation of web B/L. Web B/L has also enabled time savings of approximately 900 minutes per month.

It also reduced delivery timelines and time taken for any amendment to the B/L, which has led to greater customer satisfaction. This has paved the way to implement other EDI solutions such as EDI Booking and SI solutions. With this final step in the EDI journey, the customer looks forward to further process improvement leading to simpler workflow and greater time savings.

60K FFEs/year of huge volumes for Manual Documentation.

Savings: 15 hrs/mo for web b/l

What customers are saying about Maersk EDI Solutions

The EDI solutions are valuable to our work. Midea could directly submit Booking request and VGM data from our system to Maersk. It saves our time and efforts to do the same thing again via on-line before. The acknowledgement is returned with Maersk booking number a few minutes after booking submission. Sailing schedule provides up-to-date vessel options for our planning and container status gives visibilities of whereabout of our containers. With the EDI system integration with Maersk, we can manage the shipping processes and work more efficiently!

Midea Group

In the process of project implementation, your team communicates and explores the user experience and business support effectively, resolves the difficulties encountered conscientiously, and ensures the normal use of the project docked with your EDI.


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