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Brexit made easy

This year has been a challenging time for businesses across the world, more so for those connected to the UK. Come 2021, you will have to navigate the transition from free trade across Europe to a Brexit compliant trade.

Moving cargo across road, sea and air between the UK and the EU will now entail a new set of challenges and rulings pertaining to customs clearance. To overcome the Brexit challenge, you will need a thorough understanding of the new paradigm and an experienced team to deal with it.

We are ready to guide you. As of October 15th, we have significantly improved our offering within customs service by acquiring KGH Customs Services (KGH). A Sweden-based specialist in trade and customs management services in Europe. With its specialised expertise across freight modes (air, ocean, land) and deep knowledge in selected industries, combined with innovative technology we are ready to be your partner

Customs brokerage expertise set to gain in significance

Customs services expertise set to gain in significance

  • The European customs market is predicted to grow exponentially as of 2021 with an estimated growth of 400%.
  • As of 2019, 235m customs declarations were submitted in EU27. After the transition there will be approximately 400m.
  • 2019 data suggests an imminent spurt in demand for registered customs brokers in the coming months.

Are you Brexit ready?

Follow this 12 points checklist

  • Nominate a trusted customs broker for export and import declarations
  • Register for a GB Vat and EORI Number
  • Consider applying for a Duty Deferment Account
  • Understand your Incoterms and your businesses’ responsibilities
  • Consider the additional costs of customs clearance and taxes
  • Understand your tariff codes and duty rates
  • Understand and adjust your processes to suit your business model
  • Align with your customers and logistics partners
  • Set up your nominated agent within inhouse payment systems
  • Complete inhouse training to boost awareness of the potential impact
  • Integrate systems where possible
  • Start testing movements and resolving hurdles prior to Go Live
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Breeze through Brexit with Maersk on your side

With Maersk on your side, you get an experienced team that’s savvy with everything pertaining to customs clearance across all modes of transport including road, sea and air. Our Maersk Customs Services solution considers every eventuality and prepares you for a hassle-free Brexit compliant operation. Our solutions go beyond transactional clearance, by offering additional support on preference certifications, transit documentation, classification, flow mapping, data analysis and more.

Experienced and dedicated consultancy team to assist you, step by step
Social connectivity
Tailor-made training by our internal Customs experts and external training partners
Communication support for you and your suppliers
Technology and Automation
Border IT infrastructure, Customs Declaration Service (CDS) & Customs interface software
We have recruited extensively to strengthen the team and support our customers with their Brexit requirements

We can custom clear all cargo, regardless of the mode or carrier

Pre-Entry Entry Post-Entry Compliance Solutions
Document Collation & Validation
Import & Export Declarations
Compliance Solutions
Classification Services
Classification assignment & sense check
CFSP Simplified Procedures
Tax Reporting & Analysis
Compliance Solutions
Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
Product Specific Control Management
Bonded Warehousing Declarations
Post Clearance reclaims and repayments
Compliance Solutions
CFSP Authorisation Guidance
Pre Entry Verification
Transit Movement & Border Control
Documentation Retention
Compliance Solutions
AEO Authorisation Guidance

Brexit DDP Terms

  • DDP terms can potentially pose risk to your supply chain. Review your terms carefully
  • Seller is responsible for raising the export declaration in their country
  • Seller is responsible for the import entry, duty and VAT in the buyer’s country
  • Warning: Seller will need to register for UK VAT and EORI in the buyer’s country and complications may occur if your seller has not prepared for Brexit
  • Indirect Representation – Not all brokers will clear Indirect Rep shipments and some transport companies may refuse to carry cargo as it carries a high risk of delays
Brexit DDP Terms

The Maersk Customs Clearance advantage

Maersk is passionate about customs clearance and that is our biggest advantage. Our goal is to go above and beyond the transactional clearance solution offering in the market and execute our own unique solution based on our customer's individual requirement, while complying with our internal customs core values of: Compliance, Efficiency, Innovation and Teamwork.

We strive to be the “best in class” by ensuring that we are continuously optimising processes, while being committed to delivering an extremely high standard, accurate and compliant service on every declaration we transmit.

For the last 2 years, we have been actively supporting our customers navigate the complexities of leaving the Customs Union and have been working closely with them to understand the impact and cost it will have on their supply chain.

We have successfully designed and implemented Brexit solutions across both UK and EU markets, using the experience and knowledge of our dedicated pan European customs teams. Our solutions encompass various sectors from retail, food & beverage, pharmaceutical and excise, via all modes of transport and carriers.

We have a specialist team that handles sensitive cargo that’s dependent on ideal temperature at all times. Our experienced “Reefer” customs team has the knowledge and links throughout the industry and would be delighted to share this knowledge with our customers.

Global network
Local expertise
Experienced team
Shrink Connectivity
Single point of contact
3 decades of partnerships

Smoother sailing through Brexit with KGH

At Maersk, we are ready to make your Brexit transition seamless. Apart from our core service teams, we have added KGH to our portfolio to make doing business even more manageable. They are an industry expert in customs services and with a detailed background and experience in the European customs sector.

KGH provides you with a specific service hub dedicated to Brexit. You can find recommendations on how to reduce costs, navigate potential challenges and get a thorough analysis for your business. It even features a Brexit survival guide along with timely updates to help you manage the complexities of your global supply chain.

Do you want to know more? Get all the information on the KGH service hub.


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Aaron Willis
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Roxsan Bennett
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