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Post-Brexit, your business faces a new set of challenges and rulings pertaining to customs clearance. Amongst other things, you need to get a thorough understanding of the new paradigm to navigate the transition from free trade across Europe to a Brexit compliant trade.

Maersk is here to guide you. Last year, we acquired KGH Customs Services, a Sweden-based specialist in trade and customs management services in Europe. Backed by its specialised expertise, deep industry knowledge, and innovative technology, we are ready to help you take on any post-Brexit challenge, whether you need to store your cargo on the continent or move it using road, sea, or air between the UK and the EU.

Customs brokerage expertise set to gain in significance

Changing the language of customs in Europe with KGH

All too often, customs service conversations are about managing documentation, paying duties, and compliance. As critical as these aspects of the service are, they mustn’t make us lose sight of the potential customs has to impact business strategy.

In October 2020, Maersk Customs Services partnered with KGH to redefine what customs services do for multinationals. Today, we’re helping customers navigate geopolitics and improve trade performance with our industry-leading local expertise.

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