Young Maersk talents inspire – Patrick Rischel

Maersk was among the top three companies Patrick Rischel had hoped to work for, so he wasted no time in applying once a relevant position became available with a newly established team.

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Patrick Rischel was actually content with his former job at a consulting firm, where he provided consultancy services to retailers and financial institutions about how they should spend their marketing budgets. However, he saw greater opportunities at Maersk, which is why he applied for the job.

Part of a Specialist team

Patrick was offered the job after successfully navigating the required tests and the several rounds of interviews with the HR Department and his future manager. Since his commencement at Maersk Line, he has not regretted this job shift. Now, Patrick works in a team of eight employees who all have an educational background within mathematics, statistics, economics or operations research.

Patrick Rischel
Patrick Rischel.

“Our primary focus is to help businesses solve their problems through advanced statistical and mathematical methods and models. We formulate hypotheses and use analytics to identify the value”.

More specifically, business seniors approach Patrick and his team, when they are in need of specific estimates or predictions. As a result, the team is very project oriented and most often engage directly with internal customers with overall business process ownership.

Master’s Degree in Economics of Great Value

Patrick draws on his acquired knowledge from his education, which has given him strong ballast in his job:

“I am neither a statistician, mathematician, nor an operations researcher; however, my education in economics has provided me a bit of everything, and as a result, I can solve or be involved in assignments across all three fields”, Patrick says, elaborating on the reason why his master’s degree has been particularly valuable in a company like Maersk Line, a global leader in an industry focused on transporting goods throughout the world:

“Through my education I am able to understand how the global economy is affected by economic trends and event-based circumstances”.

Since Maersk provides a diverse and highly international environment, Patrick also learns a lot about the cultural differences that occur when projects cut across country borders, something which further strengthens him professionally.

Professional Growth

Generally, Patrick considers Maersk to be a company that enables personal and professional growth. For instance, he has a business meeting with his immediate superior once a month, where they discuss current projects, as well as specific wishes and plans for the future. Patrick and his manager have jointly constructed a personal development plan for him that is used as a framework for discussing future career accomplishments, both short and long term.

“Maersk pays great attention to the fact that their employees, myself included, evolve both professionally and personally, and we are therefore offered courses to enable growth in both areas. We are furthermore given the opportunity to attend courses at Universities or Business Schools, if relevant”.

Patrick feels the opportunity to acquire new skills corresponds well with his first impression of Maersk. He experiences that he is respected, even as a new member of the team, and he is taken seriously whenever he offers his input: “It is evident that the company has my best interest at heart. This impression still remains today”, he explains.

The Use of Models as a Driving Force

Patrick is motivated by knowing that his calculations and models are being applied in the business. In his previous job, it was up to the companies he advised whether or not they wanted to proceed with his solutions, but at Maersk, he is part of the entire process and ultimately helps shepherd the actual implementation. This is the reason why Patrick decided to leave his previous role, take the leap and join Maersk.

“It is extremely motivating that I can contribute with something positive to a company like Maersk”, Patrick says and concludes: “I don’t think there are many Danish companies that have a similar international environment. It is great to be a part of!”