Young Maersk talents inspire – Mette Asmussen

As a Financial Analyst at Maersk Line Mette Asmussen’s workday is diverse and challenging, as she navigates global finance and trade, and works with people across borders and cultures.

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This portrait was originally published in the career guide, an annual publication distributed to graduate students at universities in Denmark and southern Sweden. The portrait was produced by Move on Communications and republished courtesy of

Maersk Line is special, and as an economist with an interest in global finance and trade the Finance Track in the Maersk Line Graduate Programme was the only one Mette Asmussen applied for. A choice she is very satisfied with as she has, since starting at Maersk in 2014, learned to apply the skills she learned at university to a job that has a direct financial impact on Denmark’s largest company.

The Maersk Line Graduate Programme takes two years to complete and includes two job rotations. Mette started as an associated Financial Controller and is now a Financial Analyst in the Trade and Marketing department where she analyses data on the Maersk Line trade lanes – the routes Maersk vessels routinely sail around the globe.

Analysing the future – and the past

Mette’s focus is business performance and bringing structured data to support decisions in the business. That includes being a link between the Finance department and business and ranging from tasks completed in a few hours and longer running projects.

Mette Asmussen
Mette Asmussen

The knowledge of what matters and what factors have an impact is something Mette learned at university as an economics student. She focused especially on international trade and finance and applies her understanding of global trade dynamics to her job in Maersk Line.

“I work with the link between finance and business. How to be efficient without becoming inflexible, and providing the necessary data to understand past performance and likely future developments on the market,” Mette says.

High expectations

Usually graduates start the programme right after finishing university, but Mette had a year of employment at a ministerial department before she applied to the programme.

She entered the programme with 41 other graduates – a total of 11 in Denmark - all of whom had to apply, go through a personality test and then a group problem solving test in front of the panel. It sounds like a challenge but once you’re in, you are guaranteed a unique learning experience. The programme is tailored to the specific graduate and their level, so they get the experience they need to excel. Mette likes a steep learning curve, so the last year has been a good challenge. She has learned that shipping is a very dynamic industry and co-operation across borders and cultures is important. For instance, she works closely with Maersk teams in India and the Philippines, and the diversity in the office in Copenhagen is great!

“They expect a lot from us, but I also get a lot in return,” Mette says.

Mette has always been fascinated by Maersk Line, maybe because she herself sailed as a child, and of course because it is the biggest company in Denmark. While Mette isn’t intimidated, she is filled with respect when she walks through the doors at the main office in Copenhagen.

“It’s amazing to work in such an international company and being able to facilitate global trade,” says Mette.

It is a high tempo and multicultural company with a healthy performance culture, but also one where co-operation is important. Mette spars and cooperates across departments on her projects and while she has a lot of freedom in how to do her job she learns and gets good feedback and support from both her manager and colleagues.