Maersk talents inspire students – Jonas Krogh

In his position as a Senior Consultant at Maersk In-House Consulting, Jonas Krogh enjoys the diversity that a management consultant role offers while working with clients who are also colleagues and know he has a deep insight into their company.

Maersk talent: Jonas Krogh
Jonas Krogh, 32 years old, MSc in Economics from the University of Copenhagen.

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The author of the portrait, Daniel Bird, is employed by Move on Communications.

Earning the stripes

Camilla Westergaard wants to be a Captain like her father. She is one of more than three-thousand cadets learning the theory and practical skills for work on Maersk vessels.

At his first interview, Maersk felt like the right fit for Jonas.

“The interview was very professional but it also had a nice feeling and there was a genuine interest in me.”

Jonas had applied for a Business Analyst role in Group Procurement that would give him the opportunity to be exposed to all Maersk Business Units.

“The position sounded really interesting. I was keen to learn more than just one area of the business and to be challenged. To be frank, Maersk just felt right; it doesn’t get any bigger than that.”

In his position after graduating Jonas worked on the establishment of a business development team in Maersk Group Procurement.

“My first impression was that my new colleagues were really smart and that I had a lot to learn.”

After a year Jonas moved on to a role in that team as a Business Development Manager and today he is a Senior Consultant for Maersk’s own in-house consulting team.

“I’ve been fortunate to be offered positions on an on going basis. I’ve been in the job market for four years and I feel like I’ve explored and learnt more things than people get to in ten years at other companies.”

In-House Consulting

On any given day in consulting Jonas might be coordinating with stakeholders, facilitating workshops, analysing data or producing recommendations for a steering committee.

“It is a typical management consulting role but our clients know that we will understand the business from day one. It is a dynamic environment with a steep learning curve. Decisions are taken and you need to be awake.”

Jonas really enjoys working with his colleagues, describing them as highly talented, dedicated people who find time to have fun.

“I truly feel that I am lucky that at Maersk you never meet colleagues who aren’t ambitious and motivated. Everyone genuinely embodies Maersk’s values and there is always something you can learn from them.”

Jonas is very keen to master consulting and his ambition is to take a lead role in Maersk’s In-House Consulting team.

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Earning the stripes

Camilla Westergaard wants to be a Captain like her father. She is one of more than three-thousand cadets learning the theory and practical skills for work on Maersk vessels.

Flexibility at Maersk

As a senior consultant Jonas regularly travels for work and has been all over Europe, Latin America and Asia. At the same time Jonas explains that at Maersk he has a good work life balance and a say in the projects he works on and where he is located.

“I’m given flexibility that allows me to manage having a family while having, what I consider to be, a high profile and really interesting job. It is a level of flexibility that I don’t think you can find at other consultancies.”

This freedom comes with the expectation that Jonas will drive his own work and deliver.

“No matter what position I have held at Maersk I have always felt that I’ve been given a lot of responsibility.”

Working with clients from all areas and levels of the business, Jonas explains that analytical skills and mastering stakeholder management are key to his role. Through his various responsibilities Jonas feels that he has developed in a number of ways.

“I would say that almost everything I do builds on me as a profile and it builds a foundation for me to do things even better and fulfil my ambitions in Maersk.”