Young Maersk talents inspire – Henriette Hildebrandt Nielsen

Maersk’s expectations are high but the company also gives its employees a lot in return. This is the reason why Henriette Hildebrandt Nielsen has been challenged and also learned a lot since she started in Denmark’s biggest company, and why she has no plans to work anywhere else.

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In the more than five years Henriette Hildebrandt Nielsen has worked for Maersk she has experienced numerous challenges and opportunities. She believes she will always carry the Maersk values and learnings with her no matter where she goes.

Henriette currently works in the Strategy and Transformation department in Group Procurement. She is a part of the team that develops Maersk’s procurement direction; meaning that she is involved in developing strategies and business plans for Maersk Procurement. At Maersk the procurement discipline has a significant importance and the company is cost leader in various industries. With around 550 procurement colleagues working globally across the shipping, oil and logistics industries, the department offers tremendous opportunities in an international environment.

Henriette Hildebrandt Nielsen
Henriette Hildebrandt Nielsen.

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Henriette enjoys working across various teams in different locations and often closely with management. Henriette’s responsibilities include involvement in everything from big strategic projects like deciding how to run procurement in the future to smaller projects like creating a new intranet site.

The global perspective

Henriette’s educational background, a Master’s degree in Management Accounting and Controlling from Aarhus School of Business, has equipped her with solid skills within finance and problem solving. Naturally she fit well into the Finance team when first starting her career with Maersk in 2010. While in Finance, Henriette handled internal audits and performance tracking. After 2 years in Finance Henriette was offered another position in Group Procurement; this time in the Strategic Sourcing team.

Originally, Henriette did not imagine herself working with either procurement or finance. ”I thought I was going to be a management consultant, but Maersk got to me first. In addition to Maersk’s great reputation, it is also a firm that offers international perspectives and travel opportunities”, Henriette says about her altered plans for the future.

After 3 years with Maersk, Henriette was offered one of the two spots in Procurement’s talent exchange programme between Maersk, Ikea and Carlsberg. The program aimed at sharing best practices across the procurement organizations by switching 2 employees each for a year. Henriette spent 6 months in Switzerland at Carlsberg’s supply chain company and another 6 months in Sweden at IKEAs head office. This exciting opportunity gave Henriette a broader understanding of how different companies work with procurement.

The exchange experience ignited an interest in working strategically with procurement, and when Henriette returned to Maersk she moved to Procurement’s Strategy and Transformation team where she is today.

A dynamic job

Henriette thrives in the dynamic role where she can see her work being used by management and become part of the bigger strategy. It is no secret that her days are often very busy and she often has to work under time pressure to meet tight deadlines.

“I prefer a job where I have a lot on my agenda. I achieve more and work more efficiently than if my job had half the tasks,” says Henriette. While it is a demanding work place, there is a good collaboration and team spirit which makes one feel part of a team.

“We all want to do well and work hard, it is motivating to be part of a team like that,” explains Henriette.
After a bit more than a year in the Strategy and Transformation team, Henriette has her eyes set on the next Maersk adventure; in February 2016 she will move to Shanghai to head up the project team in Procurement. Here she will work with the main categories headed out of Shanghai as well as supporting on the strategic direction.

“I am looking forward to working with a new team and to move closer to suppliers and the local business in Asia”, Henriette says.