Maersk talents inspire students – Christian Holm Nielsen

Issuing bonds and working in financial planning, Christian Holm Nielsen loves his work as a Senior Funding Officer at Maersk. It exposes him to both the global financial markets and an overview of the Maersk Group and its future.

Maersk talent: Christian Holm Nielsen
Christian Holm Nielsen, 34 years old, MSc in Economics, the University of Copenhagen 2004.

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Earning the stripes

Camilla Westergaard wants to be a Captain like her father. She is one of more than three-thousand cadets learning the theory and practical skills for work on Maersk vessels.

The last ten years at Maersk have given Christian a highly varied experience. Working with different types of funding, whether that be loans, bonds, ship financing or project financing, Christian explains that his varied responsibilities have allowed him to develop. After 3 years at Maersk, he was invited to be part of a new treasury team in Singapore.

“The offer came at a perfect time because I was really enjoying work but I also wanted to try something different. It was a great experience and really exciting to be in that region where so much is happening in terms of development and growth.”

Three years later Christian returned to Copenhagen to join a team who had recently started issuing bonds for Maersk for the first time in the group’s history.

“Issuing our first bonds in 2009, there has been a lot of scope to develop our strategy and our presence in that market. I think there are still some possibilities that we haven’t looked at and I hope to influence the direction we take.”

Day to Day at Group Finance

Christian’s tasks include analysing bond opportunities and discussing the financial markets with banks. He and his team meet with investors on a quarterly basis to update them about Maersk. Christian also works with financial planning, making forecasts about the company’s future financial position, producing reporting for the board of directors and completing ad hoc analyses.

“It is perfect for me because I have on the bond side contact with financial markets which is for me very interesting to feel that what I am doing is part of a bigger world. At the same time I have financial planning which is much more of an internal role but it is also very interesting because I have an overview of the whole group and where it is headed.”

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Earning the stripes

Camilla Westergaard wants to be a Captain like her father. She is one of more than three-thousand cadets learning the theory and practical skills for work on Maersk vessels.

The Atmosphere at Maersk

After ten years at Maersk, Christian has noticed changes in the work environment.

“Maersk has had a reputation for being conservative which was possibly true back then. Today it is much more relaxed.” Christian really enjoys working with his colleagues.

“It is a very open atmosphere. People are interested in what they do and what other people do. Management are very open to your ideas and there is a thorough process and a good discussion before a decision is taken.”

Christian is responsible for a small team and this managerial role has helped him to develop.

“I’ve become better at delegating and trusting other people. At the same time I feel I’ve become better at taking decisions and speaking my mind.”

Christian explains that in Group Finance and Risk Management, Maersk is looking for people who are not just smart but also curious and keen to learn.

“I would really encourage people to apply. It is a great place with so many opportunities. Even within my department people regularly move around between sections and gain access to different knowledge and skills.”