The cost crusher

The new generation of Triple-E ships can carry more containers than their predecessors, even with the same dimensions. The added engine efficiency can reinforce Maersk Line’s market and cost leadership positions.

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The new Triple-Es are 399 metres long.
The two main engines have seven cylinders each. In addition, both of them have a piston that is 80cm in diameter and drive two propellers, each of which has a diameter of about 10 metres.
The new Triple-Es are equipped with 1 waste heat recovery system.
Nearly 2,000 more containers than the previous generation of Triple-Es.
The 2 main engines are fully electronic and can be controlled from a bank of screens in the control room.
20% bigger rudders help manoeuvrability.


The new Triple-Es are 7% more efficient per container carried compared with their predecessors.


Efficient engines help to make the next generation Triple-Es about 35% more efficient than the average vessel on Asia-Europe trades.


Two giant, 41,572 horsepower engines push the Triple-Es through the sea.


The operational heart of Madrid Maersk


Madrid Maersk Tangier port time lapse