Smartphone game focuses on safety

Working with Maersk Line has made the process faster and more direct, because they have a level of knowledge and facilities that few others can match.

Screenshot of the iPad-version of the Shipshaper game from SVITZER.

In an effort to increase focus on safety, SVITZER recently released a game called Shipshaper for smartphones and tablets.

‘Shipshape’ simply means a tidy and hence a safe work environment, both on board vessels and in offices. With this in mind, SVITZER is focusing on being ‘shipshape’ at work with the aim of reaching a zero-incidents safety record through behavioural change. Shipshaper is a fun and challenging game that reminds shipping industry employees of the safety risks and hazards on board vessels and in offices.

Mika Bildsøe Lassen, Head of Communications, says: “At SVITZER we are determined to put safety high on the agenda, both in our company and the shipping industry.

Taking safety for granted is one of the biggest threats to the lives of shipping industry employees, and the Shipshaper game is an interactive and fun tool for our industry employees to remember the importance of a tidy and safe work environment.”

Shipshaper also gives you the chance to win a number of prizes. Once a month for the next three months, SVITZER holds one draw for their employees and another for Maersk Group employees to give away one iPad, three Maersk Lego vessels and 50 specially designed T-shirts.

The Shipshaper game can be downloaded from the Apple App store and Google Play. See if you can beat the score of Robert Uggla, CEO of SVITZER – 801 metres and the prevention of 148 incidents.