Optimising operations

A team of functional experts in different areas of operations is monitoring the operational performance of all 63 of APM Terminals’ ports and has been instrumental in helping Los Angeles optimise its yard operations during 2015. 

Maersk Line’s Alberto Fernandez (left) and APM Terminals’ Emilio Checa (right), who coordinate vessel berth planning in Algeciras, are now seated next to each other, making it easier to communicate and hence operations more efficient.


(USD) Total savings for the Maersk Group

The team compiles best practices in vessel strategy, terminal layout, yard planning and much more. It also works with vendor partners and the terminals to roll out solutions around the world to improve performance.

The hub-partnership programme with APM Terminals’ largest customer, Maersk Line, has been a success in Algeciras, Spain. As a critical transshipment hub for Maersk Line, more than 35% of the carrier’s total volume passes through the port on its way to other destinations.

By sharing the same office, coordinating yard and vessel planning among other things, the terminal has improved the container handling capacity of Algeciras – and nearby Tangier – by 20% and delivered more than USD 70 million in total savings to the Group. Similar arrangements in Rotterdam and Singapore have started as well.

In Europe’s largest port, Rotterdam, APM Terminals is using technology and experts in automation and industrial IT systems to push the boundaries of productivity and reach new safety levels. Maasvlakte II is the world’s first fully automated container terminal, with self-guided vehicles and remotely operated cranes – and no humans in the container yard.


Improvement in container handling capacity of Algeciras and Tangier