Michael Juhler – I see my blood growing steadily more blue

Michael has been with the Maersk Group for seven years. He transferred to Maersk Management Consulting for two years before returning to Maersk Line as Global Head of Special Cargo.

mmc Michael Juhler

“I got my Masters at Copenhagen Business School and joined the very first graduate programme at Maersk Line. I’ve been fortunate to have held a number of interesting positions since then. I started as an assistant trade manager before going on to become a personal assistant to Vincent Clerc, CCO at Maersk Line and subsequently a trade manager.

Maersk Management Consulting offered an opportunity to explore different businesses and gain a greater understanding of general business while staying within the Group. The work was interesting and varied. Projects spanned organisational transformation, restructuring, commercial due diligence, growth strategies and performance management.

Typically, one is pulled in and have three or four months to help fix some quite critical problems one doesn’t know much about. A successful project depends on establishing an honest and collaborative relationship with the local team. Luckily, at Maersk Management Consulting one’s customers are also one’s colleagues, which means there’s a high level of mutual trust and commitment.

The project way of working can be demanding. I travelled for 120 days last year and was often living out of a suitcase. But I found, and still find, it inspiring to work with people who are so driven and motivated, and it makes for a brilliant training ground.

After my experience with Maersk Management Consulting, I feel that I look at business in a different way. It has sharpened my analytical understanding, strategic thinking and problem solving capabilities.

My plan was always to come back to Maersk Line. Now I’m Head of Special Cargo. I have a great team around me and we are on an exciting mission to optimise Maersk Line’s approach to a growing but increasingly competitive segment of the industry.

What I enjoy most about Maersk is the global scale, the people and the culture - there’s a great deal of pride and dedication associated with working for Maersk which is carried across the Group. I see my blood steadily becoming more ‘blue’ in the future, but I don’t have a definite career plan. I’ve come to realize that the most important thing is to simply enjoy what you are doing.”