Meet the Maersketeers

Out of every 100 Maersk employees, five have been with the company for 20 or more years; nearly half of them are from Maersk Line. Meet Henrik Runebo, a former Maersk Line employee who retired after 40 years of service.

Maersketeers Henrik Runebo
Retiree Henrik Runebo (center) with former Maersk colleagues

Henrik Runebo may have officially left Maersk in 2005, but Maersk has never left him. According to Runebo, “It is impossible to delete the company from your interior hard disk.”

Life as a retiree

To this day, he enjoys getting together with colleagues he has known for decades and serves as a liaison between fellow retirees and the company’s Retiree Relations Department. Speaking about a retiree portal recently launched he says: “Having nursed ‘my pensioners’ for years on end, I enjoy seeing their names on the list, recalling their faces from my interior ‘hard disk’ and reminiscing the stories they have told me – and there have been some really funny ones I can tell you.”

Maersketeers Henrik Runebo 2
From left to right: Henrik Runebo, Arne Vie (former Radio Officer and Cashier at Maersk’s Esplanaden Headquarters) and Villy Nielsen (former Radio Officer and Head of Payroll at Maersk’s Esplanaden Headquarters)

 Having been with Maersk for so long, you still follow, or try to follow, what is going on – good or not so good – and one can’t help feeling a bit proud of having belonged, and having seen the growth from conventional cargo vessels to fully automated super container vessels; from a few offices abroad, to the present ‘web’ of offices all over the world.


Throughout his career with Maersk Line which began in 1965, Runebo took on a range of roles that catered to seafarers’ welfare: from crew planning to the catering onboard vessels to dealing with illnesses onboard.

Looking back, Runebo recounts the moments that stood out for him: being seconded to Hong Kong, his promotion to General Manager of the Provisions Department (now the Catering Department), and an annual closing-of-the-books meeting with Mr. Møller.

Forty years strong

Asked about his commitment to Maersk, Runebo says, “You either like the smell in the bakery or you quit. So, I liked it.”

He credits his longevity with Maersk to the flexibility of being able to change roles every four or five years (with the exception of the Provisions Department where he stayed for nine years), a genuine liking for his colleagues, particularly the seafarers of Maersk whom he says are “some of the most easy-going people I have ever met.”

Having worked with seafarers, Runebo adds that he had always been guided in the way he treated them by Mr. Møller’s saying: “We aim to treat our employees well and when they leave us, we want them to feel that they still belong to us – provided that they have left us in a decent way!”

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