Maiden voyage

Follow Madrid Mærsk on her journey through the Mediterranean

The arrival of Madrid Mærsk, a 2nd Generation Triple-E, marked the first of 27 ships that will join the fleet this year and next. Join us for part of the maiden voyage.

The second generation of Triple-E vessels, brings more efficiency to shipping.
With the ability to carry more containers comes lower energy usage and lower costs.
She's making her maiden voyage from Asia to Europe.
Follow her journey through social media here, and learn about her design below.

Follow the journey here:

Map Madrid

Timelapse of Adrian Mærsk sailing through the Suez Canal

maersk Madrid

Larger and more efficient
A range of container vessels, most of them on the large end of the scale, will begin arriving this year to replace older, less efficient ones and help Maersk Line grow in line with its largest competitors.

For example, the 2nd generation Triple-E’s nominal capacity is 20,658 20-ft containers (TEU), nearly 2,000 more than the prior generation. However, it manages this within a vessel body with nearly identical length, width and height. As a result, the 2nd generation is ~7% more efficient per container carried than the Triple-E.