Maasvlakte II performs a ballet for the King

APM Terminals Maasvlakte II held a ceremony today to celebrate the opening of the world’s most automated container terminal. Guests were treated to a display of technology and artistry it is safe to say no one has seen before. 

Maasvlakte APM
Multi-coloured ballet of containers on 62 battery-powered Lift-Automated Guided Vehicles. Photos: Frank van Beek
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APM Terminals operates a Global Terminal Network which includes 20,300 employees in 67 countries with interests in 71 port and terminal facilities and 165 Inland Services operations.


Hubs and spokes

Investing in future capacity | When it opens in 2019, the new terminal in Tangier, Morocco will take on more than just cargo. It will be responsible for upholding the region’s importance as a distribution centre for global trade.

“Today, we inaugurate the world’s most innovative and technologically advanced container terminal,” said Kim Fejfer, CEO of APM Terminals. “With this terminal, a new chapter in the history of container terminals is written, as we demonstrate that safety, efficiency, sustainability, and world trade can go hand-in-hand.”

Speaking from a decorated barge moored in the channel in front of the quay site, CEO Fejfer was joined by more than 500 guests including King Willem-Alexander of The Netherlands.

Technology, automation and dancing robots
“The development of the most advanced container terminal in the world is not just about sand, quay walls and cranes. At the end of the day it is about people. It is about team work, cooperation, leadership and passion,” Kim Fejfer said, acknowledging a long list of participants and partners in the creation of the terminal.

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Watch the opening celebrations of APM Terminals Maasvlakte II 2:54
Maasvlakte APM King

About the Maasvlakte II terminal

  • Maasvlakte II currently sits on 86 hectares of reclaimed land from the North Sea. By the time the final phase of construction is complete it will reach a total of 193 hectares.
  • The facility has been designed as a multi-modal hub to reduce truck traffic on northern Europe’s roads in favour of barge and rail connections to inland locations. Construction began in May 2012, with the first commercial vessel calling in December 2014.
  • The deep-water terminal features 1,000 meters of quay, on-dock rail, and eight fully-automated electric-powered Ship-to-Shore cranes with an annual throughput of 2.7 million TEUs, representing an investment of EUR 500 million.
  • At planned full-build out, the terminal will cover 180 hectares and offer 2,800m of deep-sea quay with an annual throughput of 4.5 million TEUs.

King Willem-Alexander marked the official opening of Maasvlakte II by giving the go-ahead to a remote crane operator seated in the APM Terminals office nearby to begin the show: a mechanical ballet of 62 battery-powered AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) carrying containers lit up on the sides with LCD screens.

The future of terminal operations is safer, high-volume, high-productivity performance. We are pleased to welcome that future here today.

Kim Fejfer