"I chose to stay"

Another Maersk Group employee who left Mexico only to return is Patricia Perez. In her eight years with the Group, Perez has lived and worked around the world. 

Patricia Perez

  • Age: 32
  • Joined Maersk Group: 2007
  • Job title: Middle America Cluster Customer Service Manager, Maersk Line

Open for business

As Maersk Group rolls out more modern infrastructure around the world, the local employees who are taking on operations embody the Group’s belief in the long-term potential of these markets. Meet two Maersk Group employees who have returned to Mexico, a growing economy with bright prospects.

Now, six months pregnant in early November, she has just returned from “leading leaders” training at headquarters in Copenhagen.

In her former role in trade management, she worked with Asian services to Japan, Korea, China and the Philippines to name just a few. Now she prefers life in Mexico City.

“I can definitely see that Mexico is the place to be right now, also thinking about the future and looking to the next generation,” says Perez, who is Head of Customer Service at Maersk Line’s Middle America Cluster.

“With my qualifications and my background, I am confident that I could choose to work wherever I’d like, anywhere with international business opportunities, but I chose to stay in Mexico. We have lots of opportunity here. Also, we are a proud culture and family plays a big part in our decision-making,” she says.

Right now Mexico is the place to be, also thinking about the future and looking to the next generation.



Global minds local hearts

Maersk introduced the new career framework “MyCareer” in 2015. A system that creates clarity and transparency, it enables employees to make conscious career choices.

Perez considers travelling around the world and experiencing different cultures to be one of the greatest blessings of her life, getting used to the unexpected and being challenged to adapt to new cultures and environments. Also, she has gained a greater understanding of where she comes from.

“I would like my daughter to grow up and live in a country where she does not have to think about going somewhere else to make her dreams come true,” she says.

“That is the Mexico that I aspire to and I believe my generation is setting the foundation for that to come true.”

Patricia Mexico