Susu Zhang – A great experience

Susu Zhang grew up near Chingdao, China, one of the world’s busiest ports. An early interest in computers and math and later, logistics, eventually led her to The Netherlands and APM Terminals.

Susu Zhang

“I knew a number of people who had completed one of the previous Maersk graduate programs and said it was a great experience,” says Zhang who did some work as a data scientist when she began looking for a full-time job in the logistics industry.

Zhang has been working as a Global IT analyst at APM Terminals’ headquarter office, but only after a running start fixing computers during the cyber-attack. In November, she moved to Copenhagen for three weeks of training in terminal optimisation and the first chance to apply her education in operations research & quantitative logistics – using mathematical models to make better decisions.

“My work has been really exciting,” she says. “I have been given a lot of different challenges and I think I can learn a lot, not just technically but in terms of management as well. My goal is to go higher and higher.”