Discussing the Values

Through dilemmas, video cases and problem-solving tasks, a new Toolkit aims to get both senior and junior employees thinking – and talking – about what the Maersk Group Core Values mean to them in their everyday work.

General Manager Andi Madsen (left) and Morten Lund, Head of Maersk Line’s Centre Trade.

“It can be challenging to structure a conversation about our Values, so it is really beneficial to have a rather ­simple toolkit available that initiates and frames the discussions,” says Morten Lund, Head of Maersk Line’s Centre Trade and Marketing, Business Process Owner team.

As a part of a Values workshop, Lund, together with the rest of the department, has been asked to jot down how he applies the Values in his everyday work – and, if relevant, consider how he can lean on them even more in the future.

Lund continues: “We have nine nationalities in my team. To leverage this huge diversity, it is necessary that we discuss the Values and what they mean to us – both as individuals and as a team – in order to ensure that our decisions are in alignment with the Values and a good working environment for us all.”

While scribbling his thoughts on the Values down on small coloured pieces of paper, General Manager Andi Madsen keeps an ear out for his colleagues’ discussion.

“The toolkit facilitates a structured approach to our dialogue on the Values,” says Madsen during a break between the workshop sessions. “We picked up on some good issues, and the toolkit worked to guide us through these discussions."


The new Group Core Values toolkit has been in existence for a couple of months and has already been ordered 500 times by leaders and HR partners who want to revitalise a discussion on the Values in their teams. The toolkit works to facilitate a dialogue on the Values and is mandatory when introducing the Values to new employees, just as modules are integrated into the leadership pipeline training courses called ‘Leading Others and Leading Leaders.’

The Values toolkit consists of posters, discussion papers and videos in which employees from all levels of the Maersk Group explain how they apply the Values in their daily work.