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Specialised logistics for the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industry

Many of the world's leading Pharmaceutical and Healthcare companies rely on us to deliver their products safely. For decades now, we've done the heavy lifting by investing in specialised Pharma expertise, state-of-the-art equipment, and infrastructure like cold storage. One in every four temperature controlled containers in the world is a Maersk Reefer container. We offer pioneering visibility technology and our cold chain management integrates all supply chain activities through one point of contact.

Combine all our capabilities, from factory to pharmacy, and you get a single intelligent logistics ecosystem with a strategy that's perfectly aligned with your business goals.

Supporting trade during the COVID-19 vaccine rollout

The moment a vaccine for Covid-19 is approved for distribution, a tremendous amount of our effort will go into transporting it safely to destinations in need.

But not at the cost of day-to-day trade.

Food supply chains are equally essential and can continue to rely on our temperature-controlled services to deliver their products in perfect condition.

We’re thinking through every COVID-19 vaccine distribution in a manner that optimises resources and eliminates the possibility of overloading systems at the destination. We do this by working backwards - understanding a community’s current Pharmaceutical and Healthcare capabilities before designing a flow of goods, and making sure that none of our resources are ever tied up for too long, by orchestrating just-in-time deliveries.

Supporting Trade

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To get a deeper understanding of our refrigerated transportation or the complex operations behind high-risk logistics contact our experts.

Robin Townley, Head of Special Project Logistics
Robin Townley
Head of Special Project Logistics
Hristo Marinov Petkov, Global Vertical Head of Pharma reefer & Special Cargo
Hristo Marinov Petkov
Global Vertical Head of Pharma Reefer & Special Cargo
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Together, success comes easier

Discover how we can bring your Pharma knowledge, our Logistics expertise, and your stakeholders’ capabilities together to get ahead of the COVID-19 vaccine.
Warehousing and Distribution

Storage solutions

Storage has become critical as demands across countries have fallen due to lock downs and closure of high-street stores. With COVID-19 delaying deliveries across the world and China restarting operations, we can help to ease congestion at your facilities from the inflow of goods. We have aligned our storage facilities, depots and hubs to help slow down your supply chain in the current climate and speed things up easily at the right time to ensure your business has sufficient stock of goods when demands pick up.

Flex Hub

Slow down your supply chain by increasing the ocean lead time and store the containers in a hub port with a longer layover. Request this at the time of booking or when cargo is on its way to the transit hub to enable fast and controlled delivery with an on-time response to market.

In today’s highly connected global market, COVID-19 has presented large-scale disruption to supply chains that many were unprepared for. However, it's not too late for companies to introduce effective measures to mitigate the impact on their business. A high level of flexibility in logistics options is a crucial tool to manage the flow of materials and goods and allows to either speed up or slow down supply chains.

Listen to Mario Giannobile - Head of Key Client Management Retail, North America and David Newton - Head of Retail and Lifestyle, North America talking about the flexibility to shape your supply chain, to deliver.

Container Storage solutions at Origin and Destination

Store your cargo at our depots in container yards or port locations to save precious storage space in your facilities and we will deliver your cargo to its final destination once the time is right.

We of course have our full breadth of Transportation Services (shipping, trucking, rail, air freight), Supply Chain Logistics solutions (warehousing and distribution, e-commerce logistics, customs services), Financial Services and Digital Solutions to meet your urgent logistics needs and help you during this uncertain time.

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Cross-Border Services

Introducing our fast and reliable service into the North American trucking market.

As you already know, with multiple modes of inland services all over the world, we have the experience to provide a great customer experience with local expertise. Our goal is to ensure that every truck arrives safely and on time.

Cross border

International Development

We offer a complete array of services to battle any exigency, anywhere in the world with integrated and sustainable logistics services in all continents to support your international development projects. When it comes to emergencies, our globally deployable response teams will go all the way to customise solutions or create new ones to meet the situation’s needs.
International Development with Maersk

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