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Redefining demand for the COVID-19 vaccine

All supply chains have the capability to deal with some uncertainty in demand and supply. Then again, not knowing the exact point of manufacture or the geopolitics of vaccine approvals, adds a level of complexity that supply chains have never encountered.

One thing is certain though. Every single human being on the planet needs access to the vaccine. According to the WHO, about 10 billion doses need to be delivered to the global population from Africa to the Arctic.

This eventuality defined the Maersk approach. For several months now, we have collaborated with local Governments and Ministries of Health to understand their existing capacity to deploy the vaccine at the hospital and clinic level. We've then worked backwards from the patient to design a just-in-time delivery model. Our driving principle is to avoid waste by preventing local systems from getting overloaded.

Going to places no one has gone before

We're committed to using our resources in any way that is needed to deliver the vaccine to locations like low income countries where infrastructure is lacking. We work with 343 ports and terminals, each of which is equipped with Reefer plugs. Also, every one of our Reefer containers is GDP compliant. This means that wherever there's a Reefer plug, we can offer the local community a cold chain storage facility.

Going to Places

What’s the right mode of transportation?

Today, the world is leaning towards Air transportation because of its agility. When vaccine volumes shoot up, cargo airlines will turn to their commercial passenger counterparts, as they always have, to deliver on their promises.

The way we see it, the reality of the task at hand and our customer's needs will define which mode of transportation we use. Our strategy will always be to correctly modulate the flows within a supply chain by picking the right mode of transport for the right time.

For instance, for customers looking to serve cross-continental locations where infrastructure is lacking, shipping could play a key role. In areas within the same continental land mass, possibly going through a second phase of the pandemic, air will be our preferred mode of transportation.

Whats the right

Efficient Air Freight solutions

When speed and economic feasibility need to go hand in hand, Air Freight becomes an important piece of the logistics puzzle. We use it strategically to time our customers’ deliveries. Not just when they need quicker response times, but also when reducing inventory is a priority. Needless to say, for the critical transportation of the COVID-19 vaccine, we are committed to using our global Air Freight network to ensure fast and efficient deliveries.

Air Freight

Stress tested flow control

There's more to vaccine distribution than simply managing the cold chain. Multiple supply chains carrying syringes and PPE required to administer the vaccine, need to work in harmony.

For every pallet of vaccine, a 40-foot container of syringes needs to be transported just to make sure that all vaccines can be injected. Scale this up to 10 billion doses, and we could find ourselves in the middle of an enormous flow control challenge.

Here's where our end-to-end capabilities come in. Not only do we have the depth of expertise and the width of resources to synchronise systems and processes, we're doing everything we can to develop robust flow control plans for our partners. One way in which we strengthen our plans is by rigorously stress testing non-live cargo. This helps us not only to anticipate problems but also to experience them and find practical, economically viable, and scalable solutions.

Stress Tested

Guarding against a people problem

At Maersk we've always believed that there's no such thing as too much care. So, when we started preparing for the COVID -19 vaccine distribution, we brought some of our top talent together. It soon became clear to us that any solution we envisioned needed to be quick to implement and yet work in the long haul.

A completely novel solution could create new challenges like the need to train a large number of stakeholders within a very small timeframe. On the other hand, utilising our tried and tested network in innovative ways, would enable us to do what we do best and help the world heal.


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Robin Townley, Head of Special Project Logistics
Robin Townley
Head of Special Project Logistics
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Hristo Marinov Petkov
Global Vertical Head of Pharma Reefer & Special Cargo
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Discover how we can bring your Pharma knowledge, our Logistics expertise, and your stakeholders’ capabilities together to get ahead of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Overcoming the COVID-19 crisis with Maersk Flow during these uncertain times

The global humanitarian and economic crisis following the Coronavirus outbreak will have extraordinary consequences across geographies and industries. Currently, limited data is available on the impact on Small and Medium Businesses (SMEs) which face several challenges specific to their size, set-up, and liquidity. Without processes and systems that help gain visibility and control over their supply chains, these companies will now, more than ever before, struggle to reign in their logistics operations.

Maersk Flow offers a digital platform that closes the gap between visibility and action, effectively saving time, effort, and money for our users and supporting their operations through times of usual business as well as crises.

Overcoming the COVID-19 crisis with Maersk Flow

Navigating a threat to the supply chain

In today’s highly connected global market, COVID-19 has presented large-scale disruption to supply chains that many were unprepared for. However, it's not too late for companies to introduce effective measures to mitigate the impact on their business.

The report below is free to download and outlines how businesses can best leverage Maersk’s experience in maintaining supply chain continuity and minimising the impact on your business whether it is a global pandemic, cyber-attack or natural disaster.

At the outset of COVID-19, Maersk China immediately established an executive team of functional experts. They spanned our entire business footprint to ensure business continuity and keep our customers fully informed of important developments as they unfolded. From the beginning, Our key client teams continue to proactively work with customer to execute client-specific Business Continuity Plans (BCP).

The trials that Maersk China had to face has provided a footprint for the rest of the organisation to focus on updates on logistics activities and stakeholder-related information such as governmental regulation, factory and vendor production status, carrier schedule and capacity updates, and airfreight and railway operational statuses. Continuity is key.

Navigating a threat to the supply chain

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