Visibility Management

Managing your supply chain is now a lot simpler. You can enjoy full control over your operations whenever or wherever you want. This is made possible with our in transit visibility and container management system, an integrated online toolbox, that you can access anytime through an easy to use central dashboard.

visibility management

In addition, all your solutions are supported by a full suite of robust information management systems that help maximise visibility and distribution of information, manage daily operations faster, automate processes and events, and minimise errors and delays.

Visibility management solutions

  • Supply chain visibility
  • Advanced back-end systems
  • Vendor connectivity
  • E-booking and documentation
  • Electronic data interchange (EDI) and bar coding capabilities

Supply chain visibility

The visibility operations management system is a modular, customisable, web-based solution that gives you access to end-to-end supply chain information. Based on extensive market research, customer insights, and logistics management experience, it integrates data from multiple stakeholders in the supply chain, enhancing order management, inventory management, event management, and business intelligence.

Advanced back-end systems

Launched in 1992, and continuously expanded and improved upon, our documentation system is the backbone of our operations. This is because it seamlessly integrates with other back-end systems and supply chains offering you end to end process support, real-time visibility, exception management, purchase order upload and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), and more.

Vendor connectivity, e-booking and documentation

Your vendors are supported with web-based solutions through which they can book online, make enquiries, view purchase orders, track bookings and shipments, draft Forwarder’s Cargo Receipts (FCRs), submit container load results, and create commercial invoices and packing lists in customised formats. After all, simplifying processes for your vendor means a better logistics experience for you.

Electronic data interchange (EDI) and bar coding capabilities

Today, supply chain efficiency relies a lot on your ability to transfer information at numerous touchpoints in the shipment process, at the right time, in the right format. That’s exactly what you can do using our customisable EDI and bar coding solutions, that are currently managing over 14 million transactions a month on 1,500 different customer requirements.

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