A friendly solution for your logistics management in the increasingly complex world of global supply chains.

document management

Document Management

Now you can find, view, sort, save, and extract any of your shipping documents with our Document Management tool that comes with features like Track and Trace. Fully integrated with other solutions accessible through the myMaersk dashboard, this tool also has a Reporting feature that helps create customised reports. All, so that you can save time, money, and paper.

Many Benefits

Document Management can benefit your supply chain and therefore your business in many ways.

  • Enjoy greater visibility and control of your daily document management processes
  • Get faster and more accurate at document checking, validation, and pouching
  • Reduce document courier costs by adopting ‘greener’ document management

Smoother Operations

Document Management brings a range of features together on one interface. This enables you to move smoothly between viewing, validation, receipts, and printing of documents, especially while providing documents for customs clearance. It also links your IT infrastructure to myMaersk, integrating our technology with your operations deep within your organisation and making the management of files significantly simpler.

milestone exception management

Milestone Exception Management

In operations that are hyperconnected, globally sometimes, sharing the right information with the right person at the right time is critical to resolving problems. The C&E feature on the myMaersk dashboard facilities direct online communication between all the relevant stakeholders throughout your supply chain, speeding up issue resolution and making the passage of bookings hassle-free. 

Visibly Communicative

No matter which local Maersk office you interact with, myMaersk shares the same online tools with you, ensuring fast communication through a shared platform with an easy-to-use dashboard. All communication is recorded, providing an audit trail for future analysis. This data capture enables us to produce measurement reports that help identify weaknesses within our joint operating procedures.

Continual Improvement

The C&E feature is a powerful tool that enables continuous improvement in supply chain processes by:

  • Identifying issues in your supply chain process
  • Resolving problems faster using a shared platform
  • Recording all communication regarding issues and resolutions for future reference
  • Producing visual statistics to analyse issue patterns and inform decisions

To learn more about how to utilise myMaersk, contact your local Maersk office.


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