Import and Export Flows

Experience better planning and efficiency with our solutions that provide visibility and consistency of product, documentation, and information flows.

Demurrage and Dentention Management

Demurrage and Detention Management

Now you can get complete insight across your demurrage and detention status, charges, contracts, and planning of your shipments, purchase, or customer orders and SKUs. This will not only improve your supply chain performance, it will also reduce your inbound costs significantly.

Reduce your inbound supply chain costs and improve performance with meaningful insights.

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To help you minimise unplanned demurrage and detention charges, you can use our Destination Management solution. This gives you advanced capabilities to visualise, control, and coordinate inbound flows and reduce any unplanned bills due to delays in container pick ups.

You get all the required control in this process with our Demurrage and Detention Management tool that has your carrier contract data incorporated into it.

Reducing demurrage and detention charges

Your inbound logistics costs can reduce significantly if you cut down on demurrage and/or detention charges. Matching carrier contracts with the actual container status needs a lot of manual checking, often complicated by combining multiple charges invoiced months after the event. You can prevent such expenses with better quality data that can help you in making tactical decisions. To achieve this, you need information on the correct container data from a variety of sources linked with carrier contracts.

The solution

  • Real-time overview of container status and spend
  • Simplified planning tool
  • Better visibility for increased performance
  • Improved control of carrier billing

Key benefits

  • Early identification of potential costs
  • Reduced administrative costs
  • Avoid unnecessary costs with proactive alerts

To learn more about how your business can benefit from our Demurrage and Detention Management solutions, contact your local Maersk office

Origin Cargo Management

Origin Cargo Management

Get better control over your origin supply chain.

Our Origin Cargo Management programme has facilities located at all major sourcing areas around the world. It is designed to effectively manage and optimise your origin supply chain operation. The purpose of this program is to:

  • Manage booking and shipment of goods from factories at origin
  • Consolidate goods from multiple factories in our consolidation facilities at origin to optimise smaller shipments
  • Enable container booking with your nominated ocean carriers
  • Take care of necessary documentation
  • Provide you with complete visibility throughout the process

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What are the benefits of OCM?

  • Reduced transport costs from optimised container utilisation
  • Early availability of documents with electronic document management
  • Efficient and timely booking of space and container equipment with carriers
  • Tracking and visibility of activities at origin with quick response and resolution
  • Improved data accuracy via EDI for exchange of information with vendors and ocean carriers
  • Improved activity planning at destination based on faster and better information from origin
  • Reduced warehouse storage cost at destination with optimised and accurate lead times
  • Scalable solution catering to changes in sourcing patterns and activity level
  •  Modular approach to help you add additional services when needed

Programme Outline

Whether it’s a third-party facility or one owned by you, our Origin Cargo Management programme gives you better control over all your factories right across your origin network. It ensures compliance, efficiency, accuracy, and timely execution of orders and shipments.

  1. Based on your purchase orders, bookings are coordinated with your factories or vendors
  2. Smaller shipments are consolidated at a warehouse close to the factories
  3. Direct shipments get coordinated for larger shipments
  4. Booking is made with your nominated carrier and provide the shipping instructions for the carrier bill of lading
  5. Documents from nominated carriers and vendors are collected and dispatched to facilitate the delivery process at destination
  6. Necessary customs and security compliance formalities are organised 

You can access track-and-trace reporting to track key events and activities via myMaersk.

Along with this, you can request for the below additional services to support your OCM international programme:

  • Vendor follow-up for cargo readiness status
  • Consolidation pre-planning
  •  Value-added services like quality control

For more information about our OCM international programme, please contact one of our industry experts, or your nearest Maersk office.

direct to store

Direct to Store

Reach your tracking, distribution, and cost reduction goals with our robust IT platforms.

Direct to Store is a culmination of our experience working with leading retailers and lifestyle brands to give you a platform that eliminates redundant steps in your supply chain.

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At origin, our vendor management programme makes sure that your vendors deliver according to the plan. This is possible because your cargo is sorted as per your purchase order, store, and delivery date at a consolidation warehouse close to the vendors. By creating store-ready packages at origin (with correct bar codes, labels, price tags, and packaging), the need to re-handle your cargo at the destination is eliminated.

All your items are assembled into container loads or airfreight shipments and are transported to destination via a carrier of your choice or a carrier contracted by us. The cargo is then deconsolidated at its destination in our deconsolidation facility. Thanks to our direct store delivery (DSD) programme, your cargo is directly delivered to your customers’ DC or store, your DC, or held for later delivery.


Benefits of direct to store delivery

  • Improve the efficiency of merchandising efforts with seasonal launch shipments
  • No need to handle goods at destination warehouses
  • Reduce handling costs and space requirements
  • Relieve pressure during seasonal peaks
  • End-to-end product visibility within the supply chain
  • In-store date tracking

Minimise carbon footprint through reduced transportation needs

For more information on the Direct to Store programme, please download our brochure or contact your local Maersk office.

Multi country consolidation

Multi Country Consolidation

Efficiently optimise container loads across multiple origins and destinations.

When it comes to faster speed to market and shorter product lifecycles, you need frequent and smaller order quantities from a diverse supplier base. Along with this, it’s also imperative to reduce costs and optimise inventory. Our Multi-Country Consolidation hubs not only help you assemble full container loads from multiple origins for individual destinations, they also allow you to continue to source smaller quantities economically. You can also quickly add new origins and destinations, speed-up or slow-down your cargo flows, and customise your products to make them suitable for destination markets. In the end, you regain economies of scale while keeping the brand’s agile, high frequency, low inventory retail model intact.

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How it works

  • Submission of Purchase Orders to suppliers, also copied to Maersk
  • Suppliers prepare goods and arrange the date and time for delivery to or collection by Maersk
  • Goods are transported from suppliers to Maersk’s country of origin facility
  • Goods receiving process is reported
  • Goods are shipped to the consolidation centre where they are received and stored, and any value-added service performed, before consolidation into full loads
  • Consolidation and shipping process is fully reported by EDI links
  • Customs and export documentation is completed and filed
  • Mode of transport is selected and consignment gets loaded
  •  Container is delivered to your destination, or deconsolidated at our distribution centre

What are the benefits?

  • Reduce environmental impacts and transport, handling, and administrative costs
  • Lower labour cost for services like repacking, labelling, or other destination-specific requirements
  • Explore the benefits of trade agreements amongst origin, hub, and destination countries
  • Maximum flexibility to switch between consolidated and full container load (FCL) traffic
  • Postpone shipments to meet changing market conditions with ‘free storage’ periods
  • Highly secure systems throughout hubs and in transit
  • End-to-end visibility of your shipments through ‘track & trace’ and configurable ‘milestone’ reporting

For more information on our multi-country consolidation solutions, please contact your local Maersk office.

Hub In Transit

Hub In Transit

Optimise your cargo delivery by taking decisions at the right time.

You can efficiently improve the service offering to your customers while reducing costs with postponed decision making. With our experienced team of logistics specialists, you can set up the Global Hub in Transit for solutions that best fit your unique situation.

When you have a large-scale production operation with limited on-site storage capacity, shipping your goods often takes place based on assumptions about the best place and time of delivery. With Hub in Transit, you get the option to postpone these decisions on final destination and date of delivery by using container transshipment hubs as decoupling points in your supply chain.

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You can seamlessly use the agreed carrier free-time as a virtual warehouse with our suite of visibility tools. Thus, you won’t need to rush into deciding on the final delivery date or destination of your shipments the moment they deport from origin.

The benefits of Hub in Transit

  • Use carrier free-time at strategically located transshipment hubs as a virtual warehouse for your goods
  • Address changing customer demands by postponing your decisions on the final destination and delivery date of shipments
  • De-consolidate shipments if needed
  • Respond faster to your customers and increase your speed-to-market
  • Reduce costs by eliminating the need for storage at origin or destination
  •  Gain end-to-end visibility and control of your cargo from the place of manufacturing to your end customer

Programme Outline

  • Our office receives and coordinates bookings from the plants at origin.
  • We arrange for the first leg of transportation with your nominated ocean carrier and provide shipping instructions for the carrier bill of lading.
  • At the port of transshipment, the containers are discharged and await loading for the second leg. If required, goods can be temporarily stored in a transit warehouse.
  • We provide visibility on the available free-time options per shipment and manage postponement of the delivery, linking transit time with the latest information on required final delivery dates and locations.
  • We arrange for the second leg of transportation with your nominated ocean carrier and provide shipping instructions for the carrier bill of lading. Along with this, we also take care of customs clearance and transportation to the final receivers.
  • You can find reports on end-to-end track-and-trace at myMaesk.

If you need more information on our Global Hub in Transit programme, please contact one of our industry experts, or your nearest Maersk office.

dynamic flow control

Dynamic Flow Control

With Dynamic Flow Control, you can turn your supply chain from static to dynamic, respond quickly to changes, and reduce the need for manual intervention. Along with this, you can also save on costs, lead times, and carbon emissions.

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Now you can quickly adapt to even last-minute changes in supply and demand through Dynamic Flow Control, our supply chain management solution. It automatically adjusts to changing circumstances while optimising your supply chain performance end-to-end.

Dynamic Flow Control helps you with effective decision making in terms of how and what to ship during volatile demand and supply of products.

How it helps you

  • Automated order and shipment planning & optimisation at origin
  • Reducing the time required for planning and optimising
  • Adherence to your business rules
  • Optimising cost and delivery performance, whilst providing insight into the carbon effects of decisions

Dynamic Flow Control provides optimal answers to questions such as

  • Call off from vendor or not?
  • Hold or ship?
  • Consolidate or not?
  • Which mode, carrier, departure date, routing, and transit time to select?
  • How to apply carrier contracts and allocations?
  • Which equipment to use?
  •  How to optimise container fill rates?

Improve performance while saving time and money 

With Dynamic Flow Control, you have one interface, one contact, and one bill regardless of the complexity of your supply chain. The benefits are:

  • Better delivery performance, reduced manual intervention and lead times
  • Better container utilisation and mix, optimised air to ocean ratio and reduced costs
  • Lower inventories, higher customer service, and timely response to market trends


For more information about Dynamic Flow Control, please contact one of our industry experts, or your nearest Maersk office.

Global experience meets local knowledge

Managing your international import and export flows is at the heart of our business. This is possible thanks to our experience in handling the daily operations, complex flow of goods, information, and financials of some of the world’s leading companies.

All our  employees worldwide are dedicated towards ensuring consistent service delivery and solutions to customers like you. This has made it possible for us to have one of the highest customer retention rates in the industry.

Our solutions

You get increased visibility and effective control of origin activities such as the timing of export shipments, choice of carrier and equipment, and vendor compliance for your requirements. This helps you optimise your inbound flows, ensure that your products reach their end destination on time, and achieve cost-efficiency within your supply chain.

Our services Key benefits
Vendor management Optimisation of shipping modes, transport costs, and inbound flows
Carrier management Coordination of multiple orders and vendors and control of export shipment timing
Purchase order management Consistency in documentation and information regardless of origin, carrier, and vendor
Document management Reducing administration and risk of critical delays at destination
Import and export coordination Improved visibility through early data capture
Invoice management Validation of cargo and information details from vendors for better planning and decision-making

For further information on our import and export services, please contact your nearest Maersk office.


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