Sustainable Logistics

Your supply chain can play a key role in taking care of the environment. Now you can reduce waste, costs, and carbon emissions significantly with the help of our advanced portfolio of sustainable logistics solutions.

sustainable logistics

Carbon emissions = Cost

On average, supply chain carbon emissions and costs are related in the ratio 1:1.

If you can reduce your carbon emissions by 1%, you can reduce your logistics costs by 1%. And you can do this by measuring and managing your carbon footprint using a portfolio of tools including SupplyChain CarbonCheck and SupplyChain Dashboard.

These tools help you understand how logistics affects your sustainability goals and ensure that your supply chain takes sustainability into account with respect to all its decision making.

Your journey towards a lean, green supply chain

Use our proven visibility and management tools to:

  • Get a deeper understanding of the activities that contribute to your CO2 emissions
  •  Identify tangible carbon and cost reduction possibilities

Let our experts help you:

  • Create and achieve your logistics sustainability goals
  •  Build internal awareness and capacity to make sustainability an integral part of your supply chain

For more information on how our sustainable logistics services can benefit your business, please contact your local Maersk office.


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