Supplychain Healthcheck

Designed to help you make your supply chain as efficient as possible, SupplyChain Healthcheck™ analyses your current logistics operations, understands your goals, and recommends solutions that can help achieve them.

supply chain healthcheck


Get a detailed diagnosis of your supply chain including:

  • An understanding of your strategic priorities through leadership interviews
  • A benchmarking of your key performance indicators against industry peers and best-in-class companies
  • Data and process reviews focusing on the symptoms identified by the benchmarking report 



Based on the diagnosis, our team of experts propose, test (using possible simulated scenarios) and prioritise the most practical solutions. An implementation roadmap is then drawn out including those solutions most suited to help you meet your business objectives.


On average, SupplyChain Healthcheck helps reduce supply chain costs by 10%. It offers solutions that help raise your revenues, increase operating margins, and improve asset utilisation.

For further information on how to utilise SupplyChain Healthcheck, please contact your local Maersk office.


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