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Freight audit

Each payment against a bloated invoice has the potential of funding that new idea or product line.

Reducing overcharges effortlessly, invoice by invoice

Our freight audit service makes sure that all your incoming and pending invoices are scanned for errors so that each payment, pre-determined or ad hoc, is accounted for. This brings down overheads and streamlines invoice tracking by ensuring on-time payments, increasing transparency in cost and vendor-invoicing, and preventing invoice duplication.

Along with the above benefits, you also get complete visibility and control on shipments and carrier invoice performance.

Freight Audit 4PL Logistics

How freight audit automates your logistics-related finances

Invoice audits

Invoices can easily go from a handful to unmanageable, and when that happens, profit takes a direct hit. Our audit team carefully examines all existing and new invoices for accuracy so you always pay the right amount on time.

Automated solution for freight audit and management

Managing invoices can be overwhelming and time-intensive. Our state-of-the-art platform simplifies the volume by handling each transaction online, which means simpler, more organised and easy-to-retrieve records.

On-time payments to service providers

There is more to timely payments than simply avoiding the late fee. On-time payments help in ensuring continuity of long-standing relationships with trusted vendors. Therefore, our team makes sure that all your invoices are validated swiftly so that payments can be made on time, without any hassle.

Prevention of invoice duplication

Unpaid invoices keep getting carried forward and end up as duplicates, leading to unnecessary cost for your business. freight audit resolves this problem through diligent invoice tracking and validation.

Complete visibility on vendor’s invoicing performance

The complete process of invoice management is monitored constantly to analyse and improve your vendors’ invoicing performance.

Bring more efficiency into your invoicing schedules with freight audit addons

  • Payment forecast
  • SCD analytical support to reduce logistics spend
  • Summarized reports on historic performance linked to transportation spend

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