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Booking agent

Business can be unpredictable. Keeping up with operational fluctuations is not only complicated, it can also impact other flows significantly. This is where Maersk’s Booking Agent comes in.

We take care of the complexities related to the movement of your goods

Maersk’s booking agent ensures accurate and timely freight booking and allocation with the nominated carriers, including execution and management of downstream tasks, such as VGM filing, issuing of dangerous goods declaration, creation and validation of freight documents, port filing, etc., so you get more time and resources released for your core expertise.

Handling of supply chains made easy

The booking agent service offers a bundle of features to make daily operations smooth

Efficient allocation management

Container shipping has its own set of complexities, like optimising freight allocation for your shipment. Our in-house team handles it for you so that you don’t have to.

Modern, automated, and scalable IT platform

Our cutting-edge platform is designed to grow with your business. Whenever you decide to expand, the platform will be ready to scale and accommodate new requirements. We have automation at the heart of our platform architecture, to ensure we invest in making your supply chain more efficient and cost competitive.

Carrier performance monitoring

An eye for detail is what we promise in all our services. Each contract that is signed between you and your partners is monitored for efficacy based on the pre-decided milestones. This way you can keep an eye on the performance of all your existing vendors and take decisions accordingly, for contract renegotiations and renewal.

Documentation management

Logistics and transportation depend extensively on timely and accurate documentation. In Maersk, we have invested in capabilities that will help you keep your documents in order. With automatic document pouch creation and releases, we track whether the documents are received, auto-sent for creation, or validated and released, based on the agreed scope and requirements.

Key components of the booking agent service

  • B/L validation
  • Document management
  • Export clearance
  • Dangerous goods declaration
  • VGM filing
  • ASN filing
  • Port filing
  • SI filing
  • Carrier improvement programs

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