Surcharge Definition

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  • Import Intermodal Fuel Fee IFS
    It covers the extra fuel cost involved in the inland import moves, if the fuel price increases by a pre-defined amount based on the agreed index. It applies only to long-term contracts
  • Import Landside Haulage ILH
    It covers the cost of inland transportation (via truck, rail or barge) from the terminal to customer's premises or to an inland CY (container yard) location, in the cases that the customer asked for the inland transportation when the container was on water (or at any point before the gate-out move). It applies to conversion of CY bookings to SD.
  • Import Service IMP
    The Import Service covers standard charges at destination that is not part of DHC and the charge will be applicable for all shipments.•Below items are included in IMP:oPort DuesoAgency FeesoFirst SealoAny other local service that is not included in DHC but applicable to all shipments.
  • Inland Inspection Fee IFF
    It covers the tax cost (or any other related cost) imposed by the Customs authorities or the terminal authorities for cargo moving to inland locations (bonded or non-bonding)