Shipping Terms

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  • Waiver
    Document used to allow cargo carriage by different flag vessels other than original destination country vessels. Also for government cargo where vessels under certain flags cannot carry the shipments.
  • Waybill
    See Seawaybill.
  • Weights
    Gross/Long Ton: 2,240 lbs. (1016 kg) Net/Short Ton: 2,000 lbs (907.19 kg) Metric/Kilo Ton: 2,204.6 lbs (1,000 kg)
  • Wharf
    A structure built along a shore, and often into the water, at which boats can be docked and loaded or unloaded; Also known as pier or quay.
  • Wharfage
    This fee is assessed by a port authority or port operator to the carrier for the usage of a port's wharf. The fee is then charged back to the customer in order to provide transparency and to share the costs. This fee will be applicable to shipments moving to/from port terminals that charge wharfage fees.