Shipping Terms

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  • Cargo Declaration Amendment Fee CAM
    A fee that covers re-submission of necessary information required by Customs due to an amendment request that is made by the customer after the carrier has submitted the documentation to local customs authorities. Import countries where this is applicable: - European Union - Norway - Switzerland - United States - Canada - Puerto Rico - Mexico
  • Container Cleaning Fee CCL
    This fee covers the additional costs for extra or special cleaning and is applicable when the container does not meet the standard cleanliness criteria (inside and outside) upon empty return from the customer. This service of additional cleaning of the container may also be triggered by a customer request. This charge is not applicable to shipper-owned containers.
  • Currency Adjustment Factor CAF

    This is a compensatory cost-sharing measure to remove the carrier's risks associated with currency fluctuations. An overview of CAF calculations can be found here. The charge will apply to all bookings that are taken on these trade lanes. It is applicable primarily, but not limited, to European trades, e.g.: Europe - Far East Europe - Middle East/Red Sea/Indian Sub-Continent US to/from Europe