Shipping Terms

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  • Bay
    Section of vessel in which containers are held.
  • Bill of Lading BL
    Legal document signed by or for the captain/master, agents, owners of a vessel or the (common) carrier. It is written evidence of the contract of carriage by sea and/or by land. It is (1) A receipt of the goods (in the owner's/carrier's or his/their agent's custody) and (2) An undertaking to carry and deliver the goods safely to the place directed/agreed, dangers of the sea excepted, against (3) Surrender of the document where/when provisions in the document stipulate delivery to order of a named person, to order (blank) or to bearer 4) It evidences the terms of the contract of carriage.
  • Booking
    1. Act of recording arrangements for the movement/transportation of goods by vessel or other conveyance. 2. To express in advance a desire for something in order to reserve it e.g. transportation of goods. 3. Also known as a booking request.