Value Protect is the simple and smart way to protect your Special Cargo.

Your Special Cargo is very valuable to you – we know! That’s why, we have tailored Value Protect to cater specifically to your Special Cargo. So that it is always protected from logistics-related risks. With higher recovery level packages from Value Protect.

In addition to the Dry Packages – which you may avail for Special Cargo, you also have a choice between 2 new packages with higher recovery levels. This means that you can now choose the package that exactly fit your needs when shipping your Special Cargo.

Find the right package to suit your needs for your Special Cargo – all Dry packages also applying:

Package Compensation Price/container
dry-1Dry Starter Up to 15,000 USD 29 USD
dry-2Dry Base Up to 30,000 USD 59 USD
dry-3Dry Plus Up to 60,000 USD 118 USD
dry-4Dry Extended Up to 120,000 USD 235 USD
dry-7Special Standard * Up to 180,000 USD 359 USD
dry-8Special Advanced * Up to 240,000 USD 479 USD

Conditions apply : * The packages Special Standard and Special Advanced are valid only for the goods carried in Special Equipment (Open tops & Flat racks.). Value Protect is not valid for the Break Bulk cargo.

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Commercial Terms:

For Value Protect key benefits, applicability and Q&A see Value Protect overview. For specific details about recovery please refer to Value Protect terms and conditions