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The changing world of retail

The retail and lifestyle industries are changing as you read this. A conscious consumer, omnichannel sales and digitisation are shaping the industry and driving complexity into supply chains. At the same time, retailers and lifestyle brands need to manage any unexpected supply chain disruptions. The spread of COVID-19 and ensuing isolation measures have led to a drastic shift in consumer demand which is still presenting huge challenges to retailers. As a retailer or lifestyle brand, this makes it vital for you to relook at the way you do business. Every single day – no matter the size of your company.

While Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) often face similar supply chain challenges as larger companies, a scarcity of human and financial resources can make it harder to overcome these challenges.

Reimagine retail

Hear from our experts - Reimagine retail logistics

Whether we like it or not, businesses like yours live in a world of uncertainties and preparation is key. The integration of ocean and logistics services provides a unique advantage that allows us the flexibility to tailor solutions to your needs in the form of both single products or product bundles including ocean, rail, truck or airfreight services.

Johanna Hainz
Global Head of Retail, Maersk

The main retail supply chain challenges

End to end integation
High fluctuation in customer demands
Lack of flexibility allowing quick reaction to changes
Collaboration with Maersk experts
Meeting customer expectations
Increase of e-commerce/online sales
Customs clearance
Lack of traceability across different jurisdictions

*Source: In conjunction with Maersk, The Economist Intelligence Unit has gathered insights from 450 senior supply chain executives in Lifestyle, Retail, and FMCG companies across the globe.

eBook: Reimagine logistics

Can a long-term relationship with a strategic partner give you more control with less stress?

In testing times, there’s a need for retail and lifestyle businesses to build resilience. Logistics must be part of the solution. To deepen our understanding of today’s supply chain challenges, we commissioned a survey of 450 senior retail, lifestyle, and FMCG supply chain executives. European organisations face challenges around meeting fluctuating demand, poor flexibility and visibility, the pivot to e-commerce, and the high customer expectations that go with them. All of these add to an unpredictable trading landscape. So, now is the right time for logistics and procurement professionals to re-evaluate their operations. To see how Maersk’s solutions help retail and lifestyle businesses build supply chain resilience and gain true end-to-end visibility, download the eBook today.

Reimagine retail

Together, we can build a more reliable retail supply chain

With our established global logistics network, our economies of scale and local expertise, we’ll enable you to overcome supply chain challenges, adapt quickly to rapidly changing industry trends, and support you with your growth ambitions. So that it’s business as usual for you, no matter what the next challenge will be.

React quickly to demand fluctuations by slowing down or speeding up the flow of goods, strike a balance between long sourcing cycles and short sales cycles, and synchronise your upstream and downstream operations. Our retail logistics solutions are here to make your supply chain more resilient and help you manage changes in the retail landscape, including the continuing trend towards omnichannel solutions.

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Tap into our retail expertise and let us work together to improve the resiliency of your supply chain. Experience a high level of flexibility through our unique combination of ocean and logistics services and shape your supply chain the way you want it – to deliver.
Johanna Hainz, Global Head of Retail, Maersk
Johanna Hainz
Global Head of Retail, Maersk
Josue Alzamora, Global Head of Lifestyle, Maersk
Josue Alzamora
Global Head of Lifestyle, Maersk

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