Equal opportunity

A bias-free environment fosters a culture of diversity and inclusion, which in turn cultivates innovation and collaboration.


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What is equal opportunity?

Equal opportunity is rooted in the principles of equal pay for work of equal value; the prohibition of discrimination based on race, colour, sex, religion, political opinion, national extraction, social origin or any status protected by international law; and the equal treatment of workers with family responsibilities. [1]

Why this matters?

A bias-free environment fosters a culture of diversity and inclusion, which in turn cultivates innovation and collaboration. 

Various legislations are designed to render non- discriminating practices mandatory, with varying emphasis on particular characteristics depending on the country or region. Some examples are:

  • Title VII of the American Civil Rights Act of 1964 [2]
  • the American Pregnancy Discrimination Act [2]
  • the European Union Equal Treatment Directive 2006 [3]

How – procedures to ensure equal opportunity rights

  • Policy. Establish a company policy that ensures that all employment-related decisions such as those regarding compensation, benefits, training, promotion, termination and retirement are based solely on relevant and objective criteria.
  • Complaint Management System. Provide workers with channels to report related complaints. All persons involved in processing complaints are responsible for keeping reports confidential and ensuring that a person does not suffer prejudice, embarrassment, or retaliation as a result of submitting a complaint. All complaints must be investigated and appropriate preventive, corrective, and disciplinary actions must be taken.
  • Proactive Measures. In pursuit of diversity, inclusion and fairness, a company could conduct active outreach to underrepresented groups, including individuals with disabilities, women, indigenous communities and other minority groups [4]. In addition, many companies offer parental leave to strengthen the protection of workers with family responsibilities (see below sample policy).

Example of an equal opportunity rights policy

“[Company Name] has zero tolerance towards the discrimination of any employee or job-applicant based on the individual’s race, colour, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability or any attribute protected by national or international laws. This policy applies to all stages of employment.”

“A confidential reporting system is provided to bring forth issues of discrimination and whistle- blowers are protected from retaliation.”

Maersk Policy

Please review the full Equal Employment Opportunity Statement attached for each of Maersk Agency U.S.A., Inc., Maersk Services U.S.A Inc.Maersk, Limited and Damco USA Inc.


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