e-Sourcing is used by Maersk as a facilitator in our sourcing process. The e-Sourcing tool gives vendors an opportunity to bid and compete fairly for Maersk business.

What is e-Sourcing?

e-Sourcing is a comprehensive integrated sourcing solution that encourages procurement discipline and maintain transparency to our suppliers. Maersk recommends that suppliers and partners embrace the e-Sourcing process and utilize the benefits offered by e-Sourcing tool. 

What are the benefits of e-Sourcing?

  • Faster evaluation process
  • Clearly defined requirements
  • Structured format for submitting data
  • Saves supplier time
  • Compete for global business

e-Sourcing terminologies

  • E-RFI (Electronic-Request for Information): Online collection of information used to shortlist suppliers.
  • E-RFQ (Electronic-Request for Quotation): Online collection of quotes to either award business or shortlist suppliers.
  • E-RFP (Electronic-Request For Proposal): Online collection of proposals used to evaluate and shortlist business cases.
  • E-RFS (Electronic-Request For Solution): Online collection of different proposals used to evaluate and shortlist business cases.

What is an e-Auction?

e-Auctions are negotiations conducted via an online platform. Suppliers get the possibility of improving their proposals based on market feedback (e.g. rank or colour feedbacks ) and are considered to be the most transparent way of conducting negotiations. e-Auctions include both price and non-price (service level, quality, etc.) parameters to ensure the result of the auction reflect the overall best total value for Maersk.

Type of Auction

English Reverse Auction

A standard auction, suppliers to place bids for required product or services and win business by staying lowest until time runs out.

Dutch Auction

A one click auction, start price here is decided by the purchaser which is gradually increased until time runs out or until the first supplier accepts the current price.

Benefits of participating in an e-Auction

  • More transparent negotiation
  • Only pre-qualified suppliers gets invited for e-Auction
  • Time efficient process
  • Helps supplier to understand “how” they performed during negotiation
  • Competitive intelligence - receive real-time market information
  • Removes geographical limitations giving suppliers the opportunity to work globally

Checklist for a successful e-Auction participation

  • Ensure that you are the right contact person with the required empowerment.
  • Make sure that your company provides the service/good sourced in the event.
  • Make sure that you understand the requirements/specifications applied to the service/good.
  • Ensure to get acquainted with the features of the system. (use the offered help - guidelines, tutorials, Web Ex training, test events, provided support information).
  • If you have any doubts please reply to the invitation e-mail or via the phone number in the e-mail with any questions, concerns or updates.
  • All questions must be clarified before the e-Auction begins.

Important information

Maersk might decide to provide certain suppliers with a positive or negative handicap in order to include all cost elements in the negotiation. All suppliers must familiarize themselves with the e-Auction tool. Attempts to negotiate prices after the e-Auction will not be accepted. In case of evident and persistent violation of the rules of engagement can lead to a termination of the relationship.

Log-in to the system

If you are currently participating in an event you can find the log-in page by following the below link


If you encounter any problems in please contact CPHMPROESO@maersk.com.

COUPA Tutorials

Maersk e-Auction Guideline

When conducting e-auctions it is critical for Maersk that it is done fair and transparent. The e-Auction guideline describes the process, ethics and principles for how e-Auctions are conducted in Maersk. We recommend all potential suppliers to read through the guideline prior to participating in an e-Auction: