Colombia trade reports

Maritime commerce can give greater competition to Colombian flower, maintaining it as a worldwide reference. We talk of roses and chrysanthemums, primordially.

Yenia Abadia, Commercial Manager, Sealand Colombia 

Petals from Colombia

Colombia is the first supplier of flowers in the United States and the second largest exporter of fresh flowers to the world. Shipping of roses by sea has triggered US demand by 917%.


  • Colombia continues to show sustained growth in trade of an average of 4%
  • In Q3 the Interamerican market grows to 4% (7% Exports - 1% Imports)
  • Main challenge: distance from large cities to ports.

Media Coverage, Q3 2018 Colombia Trade Reports


Colombia mira a los mercados asiáticos

”En el caso de las importaciones vemos un crecimiento del 4% generado principalmente por mayor demanda de bienes de consumo y recuperación del sector automotriz.”

Los pétalos de Colombia adornan Estados Unidos

”Colombia tiene más de 45 años de experiencia en exportación de flores.”

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Trade between Colombia and the Americas is stable


Positive behaviour in exports


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