Brazil Trade Reports

The country is at a turning point. Industrial, agricultural and commodities producers are optimistic that 2019 will be a better year after a highly challenging 2018.

Antonio Dominguez, Managing Director for Maersk East Coast South America including Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay

Trade expected to grow faster in 2019

Brazilian trade is expected to grow faster in 2019, overshadowing what is expected to be a grim Christmas for retailers following a weak third quarter performance as Manaus, the electronics assembly hub of Brazil grinds to a near standstill.


  • Brazilian imports and exports grew just 3%, up from the second-quarter result of 1%, which was impacted by a nationwide truckers’ strike that brought the country to a standstill
  • Third-quarter imports increased just 3% - the lowest performance for imports since the third quarter of 2016
  • Companies are now looking at integrated intermodal transport solutions, prompting Maersk to grow more than 10% in this area alone in the third quarter.

Desafios para Manaus e o setor varejista

”Manaus, o hub de montagem de produtos electrônicos do Brasil, está parada.”

Algodão continua crescendo e enfrenta desafios de Espaço

”2018 foi u nano desafiador, mas, para algodão, fui um sucesso.”

Maersk cresce com serviços intermodais

”A greve dos caminheiros foi desafiador para todos os brasileiros.”

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The auto segment is one of the sectors that is expected to grow in 2018.

Maersk is revising down its forecast for Brazilian trade growth in 2018.

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