Maersk Post #4 2017, Customer segmentation

More value to the customers

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Based on feedback from thousands of customers, Maersk's end-to-end value proposition and segmentation programme sets out to create a differentiated offering, based on the needs of its customers, and with a view to building preference and driving profitable growth.

The road to autonomous vessel tech

The launch of the world’s first remotely operated commercial vessel in November is just the beginning for Maersk, as it explores the potential benefits of autonomous technologies across the Transport & Logistics division.

Mobile’s moment

The port of Mobile in the southeastern United States may have been one of the country’s smaller ports in terms of containerised cargo, but with investments by APM Terminals Mobile, and a close cooperation with public authorities to attract more business interest, the region is drawing in large employers and much-needed jobs.

Finding the sweet spot

For importers and exporters accustomed to small vessels, long delays and limited container capacity in Guatemala, the new APM Terminals Quetzal facility promises a change for the better.

Europe reaps Canada's wheat belt

A new trade agreement between the EU and Canada is expected to increase bilateral trade by USD 14 billion. Looking beyond the delights of Belgian chocolate and Canadian maple syrup, Maersk Post examines the potential for advanced economies to increase trade and boost prosperity and for Maersk Line to intensify traffic across the Atlantic.