Maersk Post #2, May 2015

Theme: Changing with China

China is adapting a “new normal” with slower growth. But this does not necessarily mean fewer opportunities. They are just changing and the new developments will hold plenty of opportunities for the Maersk Group due to the Group’s trusted name in China.

Partnering with Fuyao Group

Being the second-largest glass manufacturer in the world requires an efficient and transparent supply chain for its global logistics. The Fuyao Group has partnered with Maersk Line with a view to fulfilling this need.

Partnership and network

With the change in China’s economy and trade, Chinese companies are aligning themselves with global business partners, such as Maersk, who can provide services beyond normal logistics.

On the same page

Maersk Line and Chinese conglomerate Sinochem have been business partners for years, but their partnership is also a consultative one, with mutual learning from each other to grow with their respective global strategies.

Partering with geely african traders

Chinese car manufacturer Geely and Maersk Line are working together to develop a Chinese automobile name, by shipping car parts for assembly overseas.