Maersk Post #4, October 2014

Theme: Heading for growth

The four business units in APM Shipping Services are highly interesting and each with exciting potential to improve results. However, each business unit is currently challenged by strong competition, changing market conditions and at times also internal structural challenges. The management of APM Shipping Services believes that by grouping the four business units into one business leg while retaining independent management teams, it is possible to set them up for faster and more profitable growth.

Developing the deep sea

Following a successful subsea installation project in Australia, Maersk Supply Service aims to develop its expertise in sub-zero, pitch-black waters kilometres below the surface of the ocean.

New member targets growth

The newest Maersk Group business unit unveiled a new name and set out its growth strategies at the Capital Markets Day in September. Its CEO, Morten Engelstoft, tells Maersk Post how a diverse business plans to meet its targets.