Maersk Post #2, April 2014

Theme: India's growth potential

Despite the recent slowdown, India has emerged as one of the world's most important new engines of growth. And as the economy seeks to find a way back to higher gear, the Maersk Group is repositioning itself to seize the opportunities that emerge in the wake of the changes.

World's best? Let's do better!

Already the world’s most efficient port, Gateway Terminals India is not easing up, keen to improve further and share its ideas as well.

India’s growth moves inland

Looking for new growth in India? It may be time to look to lesser-known cities such as Nashik, Nagpur and Chandigarh in the hinterland.

Young women leaders

Young women leaders of Maersk India are not only moving up the corporate ladder, they also illustrate a wider trend amongst women in Indian society as a whole.

Infrastructure to drive renewed growth

For India’s economy to keep up with its vast and swiftly changing demography, last year’s growth rate of 4.5% needs to step up. Infrastructure is predicted to be a key driver.