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Maersk POST - January 2014
Maersk POST - January 2014


The new edition of Maersk Post has been published featuring a wide ran ge of stories from across the Maersk Group, including a report on how Maersk Drilling aims to be a significant player in the ultra-deepwater market.
"There is a lot to pay attention to," driller Chris Hallan tells the forthcoming edition of Maersk Post, gesturing to the six screens in front of him.
The driller's gaze is fixed on the rotating drill outside the cabin window as he nudges the joystick, pushing the drill further into the ground. "If something is off, you have to know what to do," says Hallen.
Running a rig is all about uptime
Maersk Post paid a visit to Mærsk Innovator, the drilling rig located in the corner of the Norwegian sector of the North Sea, and learnt that running a rig is all about uptime and zero incidents. Like all units in the fleet, Mærsk Innovator's performance is key to Maersk Drilling's objective to reach a profit of USD 1 billion with zero incidents.
"High uptime reflects good safety. If you are good at operations you usually have a low number of incidents, because you know what you are doing," platform manager Arne Lilleaas tells the magazine.
"We killed habitual thinking"
The new edition of Maersk Post also features a story on the architect behind the Triple-E vessels, Troels Posborg.As he talks about his first involvement in the construction of the new Triple-E vessel, what shines through more than anything is his pride at how new ideas were developed, and executed.
"We truly challenged the conservatism of the shipping industry with this project. In many ways, we killed habitual thinking. And after all my years in the industry, I experienced a new level of democracy in the working process, and a lot more dialogue between the parties working together. With the Triple-E, a new culture emerged."
Places we need to be
Maersk Post also focuses on rapid growth in Turkey. As the country gears up for the next ten years, Tom Knudsen, head of Maersk Line for the Black Sea region, says business is booming in Turkey, with moving in all the time."It is simply one of those places we absolutely need to be," Tom Knudsen tells Maersk Post.
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